Friday, June 24, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol 144

Checking in with Kelly on this fine Friday.


As usual the week flies away from me and I am left wondering where the time has gone?? I believe it flew by with the cries of children every 5 minutes needing food. And finding shoes. And a bit of laundry. No need for six more takes!


I can't believe it's the end of June! 
We celebrated the baptism of our new godson on Sunday and had a lovely day with friends. Wasn't it just yesterday I was having my own handful of children baptized? It was over three years? Are you sure? 


My husband finished up his third year of his second trade ticket last week and there was much rejoicing! He was commuting to school everyday, 4 hours a day so I'm sure he was exhausted. I was just a bit lonely and burnt out from him being gone another hour every day. Let's just say it's lucky he never wanted to do graduate studies because I can say with all my being, I would not allow that to happen! #supportivewife


The boys finished up their soccer season this week much to their chagrin. They loved soccer and could probably play everyday. I, on the other hand was ready. I have not gotten to the point of enjoying taking my kids to activities. I may never get to that point, let's be honest. And we never do sports that last more than six weeks, so I am not a hockey mom to be. I'm glad they had a great season and we did it though. I'm sure they'll thank me in the future....hahahaha.


Remember how I documented the fact that I planted a garden this year? Well, we're just reaching that point where the teensy seedlings are poking above the surface of the earth and the weeds...are towering above them! I love how the gardening season starts off with "Yay! I'm going to plant all the things! Gardening is fun!" then two weeks later its: "Shit. Who's going to deal with all these weeds?" That's where I am right now. Will all these hours of work that results in a so-so harvest of vegetables my family wolfs down in 20 minutes be worth it? Probably not. I'm the most depressing gardener ever. I should start a blog.


This week on the podcast we had a really interesting conversation with Karen Edmisten about sharing the faith with people in our lives. I find Karen and her book so encouraging when it comes to sharing the faith. It's really easy for me to feel discouraged and that I'm not doing enough to share the faith with others, but Karen's reassurance that real conversion comes from just living the faith and loving the people in our life made me feel so much more encouraged to keep going. I hope you get a chance to listen.


It's going to be a fun and busy weekend as my youngest sister graduates from high school this weekend! I'm officially really, really old. It feels so strange that she's graduating. Like my whole world view needs to shift somehow. 
Oh, and I'll be weeding the garden.

Hope you have a wonderful last weekend in June!

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  1. I feel the exact same things about children's activities AND gardening.
    But the alternative to activities mean that I have to come up with something better than, "Hey, kids... Let's play... Hermits!" But really, if we could just bring wine or hard alcohol to soccer games for kids under the age of 10, I think it would be more enjoyable.

    1. That is exactly what I said! If I could bring alcohol while watching kids activities things would be a whole heck of a lot better! We really should live closer that way we could drink and face mom judgements together.

  2. My babiest sister is getting married next spring. I hear you about shifting your whole worldview. Happy weeding! :)

  3. What's a second trade ticket?

    How many siblings do you have? Do you all love on your parents' land?

    1. So my husband is an electrician and he's going to school to get another trade on top of what he has already. So he'll be qualified in two different trades. A ticket is the trade equivalent of a diploma or a degree. Make sense?

      I've got four siblings and I'm the only adult one who still lives here, but my younger siblings in high school and university are still at home or at least at home when not at university.

  4. I really, really enjoyed the podcast. You guys each made some excellent points. It took the scary out of evganilazation.

  5. The gardening take could have come straight from my head! We are hoping to move this summer so we didn't plant one. I'm sure I'll miss it come September but I haven't missed staring at the weeds at all. Also, what is a "second trade ticket"?

    1. Gardening. The worst. I want to eat all the good food. I just don't want to have to grow it.

      So a second ticket means he's already a tradesman, an electrician, and he's going to school and working on getting a second trade on top of what he has already. So he'll have two trades which is really helpful for the job he has. A ticket is the trades way of saying diploma or degree. Make any sense?

  6. Weeds...that's exactly why I don't have a garden. Well, that, and I have a black thumb! The podcast sounds interesting...I'm definitely going to listen!

    1. Gardening looks romantic until you start to actually grow one and there are weeds everywhere!

  7. If it's any consolation - our CSA farm just mentioned in their newsletter how they are working full-time in weed management/control right now too. So even the professionals are the same boat (and lamenting it as well). (I hope your misery will be encouraged by this company... ;) )

    1. Yep. The weeds are really unavoidable. I'm just hoping some of my vegetables can grow half as well as the weeds!


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