Friday, June 10, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 143

Happy Friday! Say hi to Kelly!


Yay Friday! 
We've had a week of really hot weather, then rain, then a bit more sun! We finished planting our garden-finally, don't get me started about how hard it is to grow things up here. We planted a lot of rows of potatoes and now I'm living in fear of how much I'm going to have to hill. We haven't planted potatoes for a couple years because I just haven't had the time for plants that require attention, so we'll all hope together I can keep things alive.


It's so weird that it's already June 10. I'm trying to remember to enjoy every day that I can open windows and walk outside without a coat on! We're also enjoying no school and some full on summer. It's pretty hilarious hearing everyone complain about their kids being home all the time driving them crazy--I just want to say, welcome to my life every day all day! 
But sincerely, it's hard making summer feel like a break to a homeschooling mom, so I've been trying to take it easier the last couple weeks. Reading more, not worrying if the kids are doing constructive things at every moment, trying to schedule in some days off more consistently so that it actually feels like I'm getting some kind of a break. I've also been doing some HIIT workouts which is absolutely crazy if you know me. And I'm also trying to just make more salads for dinner. Which may mean my kid's are going hungry more often...but seriously, they need to learn how to eat vegetables when combined with other vegetables.


I've been watching Chef's Table all week because of the newly released season on Netflix and I just want to gush about how much I love this show! I mean, I love almost every foodie/chef show that exists, but this show does such an amazing job sharing the real human stories of what make chefs chefs. I feel like I can now have a chef/food related metaphor for anything in life.


We've been reading a million great children's books and I wish I had more time and was better at sharing all the picture books we go through around here. I love blogs that share copious amounts of beautiful children books. I'm also the biggest user of my library website I feel. It seems we always have on average about 70 items out from the library at any given time! But this book had Nora completely mesmerized for weeks, she even told me I wasn't allowed to take it back to the library ever! But then I had to because it was a million days overdue. And hey, everybody does love bacon. It's a fact.


Will I ever forget how many wet socks are around this house on any given day? I sort of hope not, but at the same time THERE ARE SO MANY WET SOCKS AROUND HERE!!! I think it's safe to say that 4 out of 5 kids get wet socks every time they go outside. It hasn't been warm enough for bare feet the last couple days so 4x100 equals socks everywhere. Let's just hope it's one of those things I never forget. For better and for worse.


We had a new podcast episode this week talking with Katie Sciba all about dealing with anxiety and depression as moms and women and what we can do to help ourselves and our families. We hope the conversation may be a good starting point for conversation for you, and to at least know you're not alone!


We've got a quieter weekend which we're going to enjoy as much as possible but it looks like it may be rainy! We had a beautiful weekend last weekend to be outside and the kids were busy with everything from riding bikes to practicing archery to swimming and it was glorious! So it might end up being a movie weekend but we'll see! Hope you have a great one!

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  1. Our librarian knew me by name without having introduced myself all because of the millions of holds we require each week. Yikes! Also, that bacon book looks fabulous...time to put another on the holds shelf! ;)

  2. (4) Love that book- the Canadian bacon bit is my favorite!

  3. #2: Yes! I literally need to remind myself that I can open the windows now.

  4. Chef's Table is aaaaamazing!! My husband and I have been alternating that show and old episodes of Good Eats - it's been pretty stellar. :o)

  5. Chef's Table is aaaaamazing!! My husband and I have been alternating that show and old episodes of Good Eats - it's been pretty stellar. :o)


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