Friday, May 27, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 142

I'm back, Kelly! I'm back!


Thank goodness it's Friday/I can't believe it's Friday already!!We 
I'm completely ready to be locked in a room by myself for the duration of the weekend.
Am I the only one who feels like that by Friday? 5 kids x infinite number of asked questions per day + small amount of patience = dead by Friday.


We've been busy around here though which is how whole weeks go by without me being able to blog even a tiny bit. Last weekend was the long weekend up here and it was my birthday and Gemma's birthday so we had some great friends come up and spend the weekend at our house with their 3 babies. The only problem was it rained most of the 3 days so we basically were in a house with 8 kids for 3 days straight. Oh, and one started vomiting at midnight on the night of my birthday. But we made it and it actually wasn't too bad, and we had a pretty good time! I feel like we levelled up somehow in parenting. I also got to smoke cigars every night and drink great scotch so it was a really memorable birthday weekend!


Requisit "I can't believe my baby is so old" take.
She's 9.
How did this happen???
I vividly remember her being born yesterday. And now she's a big kid!!
I'll just be over here crying for a while...


We wrapped up school last week as most of the kids finished up their curriculum programs. I was pretty proud we ended up finishing so early in the year and didn't have things drag out too badly. They're still little enough that there isn't a big workload when it comes to sit-down work, and we will definitely be reading a ton during the summer, plus I think I'm going to let them think workbooks are fun and keep letting them do those when they feel like it, so basically we're just stopping the daily stress of me thinking I have to get a long list of school done a day - but that feels wonderful.


In breaking news - I finally bought prescription sunglasses. At the ripe old age of 31 I thought it was time to be an adult and finally get real sunglasses. I don't know what exactly I've been waiting for because I loovve glasses. And I occasionally go out in the sun. I hit up good ol' Firmoo for some cheap ones that I won't feel horrible about if some child comes by and destroys them mercilessly.


I've been meaning to mention this sweet new children's book that I was sent a review copy of, Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb: Jonah and Jesus by Maura Roan McKeegan. It's a wonderfully illustrated telling of the story of Jonah alongside the life of Christ with some beautiful writing. I was really impressed with how well the two stories were brought together, it's a great way to start exposing our kids to thinking about the Bible more wholly while being a great book to read. I especially appreciated Ted Schleunderfritz's illustrations because he's been a favourite illustrator of mine from his work in Gilbert! Magazine. Well worth picking up for your kids! 


The weather has finally turned rainy in the last week and we had been in desperate need of rain so it's really welcome. I also love rain so I won't complain at all! We've had showers off and on for a couple days now and it's storming right now so all the kids ran into the house and are hiding in the basement. But everything's so lush and green it's the best time of year! I'll be outside working out, er, I mean, drinking wine outdoors this weekend, hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. First, I just have to say your pictures are so pretty! Your daughter is getting so old! ;) I'm interested in checking out your book recommendation and the Gilbert! magazine.

  2. I really like The End of the Fiery Sword by that author! Will look into this one too

  3. I need to break down and get some prescription sunnies, too. Maybe this will be my year! Love yours, btw.

  4. #3: Last weekend I was helping my daughter pack for a school trip. She needed flip-flops and I thought she had a pair when she didn't. I offered to let her try mine on, thinking they would be huge, but they WEREN'T EVEN THAT BIG ON HER. I still don't know how that happened.

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