Friday, May 6, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 141

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Firstly, if you could spare a quick prayer for my province and the incredible disaster of the Fort McMurray forest fire of this week we'd be grateful! The fire has done serious damage to the city, destroyed over one thousand structures, and has forced the evacuation of the entire city of upwards of 90,000 people. Please pray for all those who have lost everything, and everyone who has been displaced because it may be weeks until they're able to get back to their homes. Only rain will be able to stop the fire, and there's not much in the forecast. It's just an unbelievable disaster and I feel just awful for everyone. It's really my worst nightmare so I'm trying not to let my mind journey to crazy town and that the fire might travel another 200 miles to where we live. But I am pretty crazy...


I just stopped cleaning my windows to write this post. It's my most dreaded cleaning task. I'm almost positive I've blogged about this every single time I ever wash windows because it's such a giant deal to me. And why? It's really not horrible, and the end result of amazing windows is so rewarding! Yet still, I dread. 
Just wanted to let that be documented for posterity. 


The weather has been unbelievably warm (hence the extreme fire situation) and we were as hot this week as we typically are in July. The kids were in bathing suits slip n sliding for crying out loud! It's just so weird. Last year at this time there was still snow on the ground. But the green leaves on the trees already feels so, so, good after making it through the winter. 


I'm about to repaint a kid's room and it's tiny but needs bookshelves. I want some wall shelves because that's really the only space we have, any good ideas? Just good ol' Ikea? Will I somehow make them look stupid? I'm going to delve into Pinterest soon to investigate. I basically just avoid Pinterest now. Which seems odd because I used to love it so much. I don't know how out relationship got so complicated. 


I think we're are going to be able to wrap up most of our schoolwork by the end of May. Which feels good, but we really never completely "stop" doing school around here. We'll be finished up most of the curriculum type work, but we'll still continue our reading, art, and probably some math workbooks because my children seem to have a bizarre love for workbooks. But the official "school" will wrap up nicely I think. It will at least allow me to be a little lazier and not be in constant "make shit happen" mode. Although, I might just be stuck in that mode.


I got a new phone! I used my broken screened phone for almost 4 months and I think I was going a little blind. I'm not completely spoiled with technology and just thought I'd mention it. 


I'm beat. I'm ready for Friday. I need a drink. So pretend this take is your alcoholic beverage. And I've gotta go find some kids. 
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Yay for warm weather! (Just not the bit with forest fires...) We had snow last Friday and T-shirt weather today, which is a bit strange, even for northern England...
    Hope you got your drink ;-)

  2. Said a prayer for your province-that's awful, and I can't imagine what it would be like to have my life uprooted like that. Hopefully it will get under control soon! Congrats on the new phone! It's the small things in life that make our days so joyful, isn't it? Happy Friday!

  3. True story: I haven't washed my windows in this house. Ever. We've lived here 4 years. I don't even feel bad admitting it, that's how much I hate cleaning windows. LOL. Oh, and I actually really like the plain ol' Ikea bookshelves for small spaces because they're not super deep, and you can either paper or paint the backs of them and make them look a little cuter. And... CHEAP. ;)

  4. I saw footage on the news about the fire, so devastating!! Prayers going up!!
    That pic of the little ones on the swings totally sums up the feeling of Friday!!

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  6. I never noticed or cared how dirty the windows were until my mother-in-law said, "Whose handprints are those all over the window?" Ummm...your grandkids'. Thanks for noticing. Anyway, now I try to wash them at least as often as she visits.

    I used just plain vinegar, but that smells. I was given this Norwex cloth (, and washing windows became so much easier! You just wet it and wipe. When it's dirty, you throw it in the washer and reuse it. I know Norwex has other stuff, but this is the only one of their products I've tried...

    After days of begging, I finally gave in to letting the kids run through the sprinkler. I won't show them the picture of your kids' epic set up, though, or they might get jealous. :)

  7. We built these behind the door type of bookshelves for a kid room. They weren't hard to build, and hold a ton of kid books.


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