Friday, April 24, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 118

Joining Kelly for some quick takes today, everyone go look at her hair!!


Friday again and as usual I don't know what happened to the time. Oh wait, it was swallowed up by feeding and cleaning five kids! Haha, I say it in jest, but we all know that that takes up a lot of time. A lot of unpaid time ;) We started out the week with two gloriously spring-like, warm days then a really windy day, and now two gloomy cold days but without any rain. I love rain, and since it rains so infrequently here I feel cheated when we have gloomy days without actual moisture!


Wednesday we went to the zoo with a homeschool group and had a really nice day. I'm not sure if the kids learned any more than the average Wild Kratts episode (btw, we love Wild Kratts and Theresa's post is great!), but it can't have hurt! The zoo is an older one and has a very eldery Asian elephant that just walks around the zoo with the zookeepers, I guess for exercise? Everybody else seemed totally nonplussed being ten feet away from an elephant walking down the road, but I was freaking out with excitement. It's so clear I'm easily impressed...


Guys! I'm having the worst time shopping for spring clothes! The worst. I thought I'd spring for Boden because I just want a dress that fits me properly and I ended up paying through the nose for shipping only to have both dresses be too big, even after I talked to an online stylist. Of course they'll refund me if I ship them back, the only problem is I have to pay return shipping to Britain and they shipped these dresses in a box the size of one of my children. I could cry - I hate paying shipping with every fibre of my being!!

Side note - could StitchFix please start serving Canada?? Because I'd use that in a second! I love online shopping as much as the next person, but I barely have time for that and the shipping to Canada from any decent store is brutal. Anyway, I know this is a super first world problem, but I thought you'd like to know my plight!


I've been having a rough couple weeks with Max rebelling against afternoon naps. I admit I'm a nap time nazi, but he's not sleeping at all and refusing to stay in a room because he can hear the older kids up and awake. The whole problem would be solved if I had 5 bedrooms for each child in which I could lock them for quiet time. The problem is I don't, and inevitably the couple kids that are together for "quiet time" aren't so quiet because I just want to take a break, then Max hears them, then he pitches a fit and then I go crazy. I really just want and need a bit of time to myself by the time 2 o clock rolls around. It's hard to homeschool, and have 5 little kids in a small house, because I need some kid-free moments. And I just don't know how I'm going to quite fix this problem. I have a feeling it's me having to discipline more and be firmer and just the thought of that makes me exhausted let alone holding strong and doing it. So. There's that fun toddler life tidbit. 


We had a great time talking to our friend Molly in this week's podcast episode. We tackle the whole mom work/home "balance" issue, but with Molly's creativity and inspiration it makes for such a great conversation. Have you listened yet? What did you think? 


Because this week has been Infertility Awareness Week Jenny has been running great posts talking about the subject from a Catholic perspective. It's really great to read such honest posts about such a difficult topic. Mandi and Molly's posts are must reads. 


It's going to snow this weekend!! Ahh!! Also; I've got 4 outta five children currently feeding barking coughs that came from who knows where so it looks as if I'm in for a rocking weekend. I might have to clean my floors or something! Help! I hope your weekend is full of warmer weather and a bit more fun that having a couple kids cough on you at the same time...

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  1. I soooo feel your pain about shipping! Except for me it Modcloth. I love everything they do, but then they have to ship it to Britain, I have to pay excise duty on top of it (which would not be refunded), so clearly, I can't really send anything back. I've only dared to by ONE dress from them so far. But I love them all. So yeah. Terrible.

  2. Ugh, I hear you on the need for an afternoon break. Our 3yo and 2yo share a room, but not for naps. I lock the 3yo in there with some books and tell her she doesn't have to sleep, but she must stay in her bed and quiet. It mostly works. The 2yo naps in an extra crib in my bedroom and the baby in a pack & play in the "office." Which will probably need to be a bedroom eventually. My two older ones also share, and they have to find a quiet activity either in there or at the dining room table. But they aren't always great at the quiet thing, either. So most days it's okay, some days not so much.

    It's gloomy here, too but for us that means 70 so we'll probably qualify as warm. Stay cozy!

  3. Uh I so need a break too. None of mine nap (by my design- early bedtime is a necessity for me) and some days I am just done. I love homeschooling but I admit that some days I dream about getting that 8 hour break. ;)

  4. Uh I so need a break too. None of mine nap (by my design- early bedtime is a necessity for me) and some days I am just done. I love homeschooling but I admit that some days I dream about getting that 8 hour break. ;)

  5. Oh I want StichFix in Canada too! It looks perfect for my unstylish self!
    And it snowed here last nigh too: unimpressed!

  6. Hey! Thanks for the W.K. shout-out :)
    I hear you on needing the afternoon break. We're in the same boat... too many kids, not enough rooms. Afternoon rest time is non-negotiable here, so every year or so as the needs change, we have to play musical rest-time rooms. I'm always trying to remember where everyone is located ;)

  7. Oh, I feel for you about naptime. The beginning of last week was so rough w/ consistently interrupted naptimes and then solo parenting through the evening with kids still awake and needing things and oh my goodness can I just please have some quiet time for myself!!
    Sorry about the Boden dresses. :( I just bought a swimsuit from them and I think another size would fit better but I don't want to deal w/ their returns. Canada needs to start an amazing clothing line so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping!

  8. If you haven't already, you've gotta check out Twice (, sorry, I'm terrible at hyperlinks). It is awesome...and looks like they ship to Canada. You can sell them clothes and get either store credit or Target giftcards. You can also just buy...all clothes are very lightly used (or not used, still have the tags on them). It is very cute and trendy. So far, thanks to store credit, I've gotten two adorable dresses and one cute top for a grand total of...$1.74. All brand-name stuff I'd never buy new and cheaper than I'd get it even at half-off day at Salvation Army. And both the selling and return process (I did have to return something that didn't fit well) were really painless. For selling you don't pay shipping at all; only for returns. Anyway, it is great (and I promise I'm not a paid shill...just very pleased with it!)


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