Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter, Smeaster

I'm trying hard to get back in the mommy blogger saddle, so I might as well get things off to a bang with massive amounts of photographic evidence of our Easter! Does Easter always go by for you in a pastel hued blur? I feel as if I blink and it's over, but only after a lot of hours worth of forethought and effort put in by myself, of course.

Dying eggs was not Nora's all.

Holy Week didn't go off as I'd hoped of course. I feel as if I should just give up the idea of ever getting to every Triduum liturgy until all my kids are out of the house and/or I move. We only had Easter Vigil in our home parish, the other services being about 45 minutes away. But it turned out I couldn't even load myself into a vehicle because last Tuesday I came down with this nasty cold that by Friday I couldn't even get out of bed with. I should have offered up my sufferings, but naturally I threw myself a giant pity party and was just so angry that I had to so sick on the days that I wanted to be healthy or at least attempting to get to places. It felt so anticlimactic after 40 long days of Lent to get hit with another sad bout of sickness on the holiest days of the year.

I figured I had to dress them alike one time in their lives. And I thought it should be sooner rather than later because I don't have long until the boys are going to be bigger than me!

Does every family picture dissolve into multiple children picking their noses? Because it really, really feels like it does.

But with the help of an unknown combination and quantity of cold medication I made it to Easter Vigil. With all the kids.

Don't nominate us for sainthood just yet, because it was our only Easter option and I had already committed myself to doing the the husband got to put up with five kids for two hours far after everyone should have been in bed. They all did pretty well though, we didn't have to take anyone out and only dealt with a couple dozen meltdowns, tantrums, fights, crying episodes. Nora was in full party mode by the end of Mass and walked out with some strangers. We found her...she didn't get too far.

Sunday turned out to be nice and relaxed although the weather was typically horribly cold. My green Easter dream has yet to come true. One year tropical climate...I'll come for Easter! The kids had Easter baskets with books and a few small treats, then an indoor egg hunt, then a frigid outdoor egg hunt in the afternoon because we're Canadian and no weather is going to stop an egg hunt, dammit!

Thankfully I didn't have to worry about any food because we just schlepped a couple steps down the road to my parent's house and everything was taken care of. And yet...I was still pretty exhausted and relished putting the exhausted Easter kids to bed early Sunday night, cracking open some Reese eggs and Riesling (just kidding I never drink white wine by myself!), soak up Mad Men and go to bed by 10:00.

Here's to 50 days of living the Easter season - Alleluia!

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  1. Oh, bravo on the matching Easter clothes! You all looked smashing, I can't tell that you were sick at all! I didn't go the matching Easter clothes route this year because I felt bad getting Gus a pink outfit after he had to suffer through a pink snowsuit this winter. I'll just have to pick a different color palette next year. I hope spring comes to you soon, Christy!

  2. The kids looks so adorable in their matching outfits! Does it make you feel any better that we also had our hunt indoors because the chocolate would melt outside??

  3. Love and admire the matching outfits...and the colander easter basket :)

  4. Huge kudos to Paul for making it through the Easter Vigil. Our parish had a reception afterward and the rest of us were more than ready to head home but Maggie started wandering into the social hall on her own, ha ha!

  5. Happy Easter!!! I know the feeling of being hit with the sick. It keeps coming here. But your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a happy celebration anyway!

  6. The matching outfits...oh my goodness, so cute!!


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