Saturday, July 19, 2014

Answer Me This: Because Kendra Told Me To

Since my friend Kendra so kindly tagged me in Answer Me This, I can hardly deny her and her blogging power. Her wish is my command, although she may regret it!

See my perplexed face?

1. What's something you won and how did you win it?

I sincerely wish I had a dramatic answer to this one. I'm drawing a giant blank though. I will say that I've won several lovely blog giveaways that always makes my day. But I enter blog giveaways by the thousands I swear so it really is no luck or talent, or even good odds. I always dream of winning a big 50/50 from a hockey game or something though, because I think that would be the best. You could spend on something you hadn't planned to, or pay things off, or give good gifts, and maybe give a lot away. Maybe one day.

2. Do you save old greeting cards and letters, or throw them all away? Why?

This answer may horrify people, but I usually toss all greeting cards even though I really appreciate them and love receiving and giving them. I just find that they're usually needless clutter you never look at again. But I do save personal cards with notes in them, and every letter I've ever received.

I loved having pen pals when I was young, and I believe I still have boxes full of letters in the basement from when I was 12. I love writing letters! My husband and I spent most of our pre-marital (boy, that makes me sound approximately 98 years old!) long distance and we wrote each other copious amounts and that's all saved of course. He also sent me cards for no reason, wrote on packages of candy he'd send me at college, and made me the most amazing personal music cds and would write on the actual disk. He was pretty romantic come to think about it.

3. When you're at home, do you wear socks, shoes, slippers, or go barefoot?

Here in Canada we never wear shoes indoors. Most likely because we're mostly wearing snow boots, but it's true. When I'm at home I wear my slippers mostly and it makes me both feel and look like a grandma. But they're sheepskin lined and I have awful circulation in my feet so they keep my feet at the perfect temperature which I kinda love. I also have noticed I spend a lot of time on my feet at home, and that it's getting harder to go barefoot. So that bodes well for my future old age...

4. Who's the most famous person I've ever met?

This is where I should have an awesome story and I really don't. For some reason Kate Middleton still hasn't met me, or Father Barron, or Jennifer Fulwiler. Or the Pope. Or Jamie Oliver. Honestly, I have no good stories, I'm not going to list all the politicians and minor Catholic speakers I've met, although shout out to Michael Coren!

5. What has been your best work of art?

I so wish I was artistic and could come up with something tangible to show. I spent most of my childhood and all the way through high school playing piano and singing, so that counts for my artistic ability but I have no great recording or even a memory of a piece I played the best. Which is alright, I never had the talent to be a professional but the beauty of the art, what it taught me in the process of coming to know it, and how fulfilling it was to play, even at a mediocre level, was/is lovely.

And to write a book as a piece of art seems completely out of my scope but I do hope that those who write books that really are art take pride in that crazy ability.

But of course I'm also going to say my children....because....

6. What's your strongest sense?

Did Kendra mean one of the 5 senses? Because I'm almost blind, not great at hearing things, my sense of smell has been pretty decimated by 5 children, my taste is decent, and my sense of touch is not at Helen Keller levels.

I will say though that my gut instincts and ability to perceive and judge a situation/people is pretty good. I occasionally have to apologize and repent of my first impressions, but on the whole my first impressions usually prove accurate or at least on base. And my gut instincts have never failed me and I can tell right away when I think something is wrong. I've also come to just accept this and see it as a strength even though it's not a cool gift.

So there you have it. Not too exciting but honest!
And for the bonus question - here's what I wore Sunday, or Saturday in my case:

Everything is from J.Crew Factory, but I didn't plan it that way honest!
Now say hi to the FLAP girls for What I Wore Sunday...

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  1. Yay! Thanks Christy. I love your senses answer, and your outfit. You look so summery!

  2. Ohhh - I didn't think about a gut instinct being a sense. That's a great point.

  3. I'm jealous of your gut sense instinct. I have a terrible gut-sense instinct. My "gut" is always telling me that something is terribly wrong..and most of the time, everything is fine.

  4. This made me smile during a 30 min wait in a doctors office, so thanks for that!


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