Friday, July 4, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 95

Happy Fourth to Jen, and all my Americano friends. And Happy Friday to the rest of us!


They all were pointing water guns at me. Charming.

So these are going to be even more haphazard and quick than usual. For some reason summer mornings loose all remnants of order around here. I don't know why the idea of "Hey, let's all enjoy this warm weather by going out on the deck in the morning and maybe not getting dressed till noon!" makes my house look as if a bomb went off but it does. Stuff. Ever.y.where. And since all the kids are outside hopefully making their way unsupervised to my mother's house, and baby is napping I need to kick ass and take names and actually sweep my floor today.


Sprinkler+trampoline=hours of not fighting in the house!

Ah! It's actually been hot and wonderful here almost all week! I'm just stating for the Canadian weather records being kept around here. Gemma, Dom, and Luke have absconded daily with a hose and I've let them go to it. Every day Max gets as excited as they do for sprinkler time, throws a big fit to get changed just like they do, jumps up and down with excitement, then as soon as a drop of hose water touches him high-tails it to me in 2.5 seconds and demands all his clothing be put back on. It's our mother-son ritual now.


I feel I had more tidbits, but now my tidbits are lacking. Curse you hot weather zapping my brain!


We're watching House of Cards right now! And if you know me, you know I love my politics. Ok, I'm more of a recovering political follower which is good because politics are crazy and so, so past redemption in my mind. I always tell people that if I didn't have Jesus I woulda gone into politics. Which is as scary as I mean it to sound! But! All that being said, it means I really like House of Cards. I don't know if I'd recommend it because it's pretty brutal, completely immoral really, and will squash all hope you had in the political system(if you're still blessed to have any left), but it's great acting, such well done writing, and I love seeing the behind the scenes machinations of the political machine. So probably not for everyone. And Robin Wright could not be more beautiful.


Aren't you glad I'm not a food blogger?

As you all know I'm currently living 124.5 kms from the nearest Starbucks. I know, first world problems or what. But it has made me a fiend for figuring out the best coffee I can at home. It's one of those never ending hobbies I have, similar to having children. I love, love, love the regular iced coffee from Starbucks. I would drink it everyday if I lived within walking distance so we thank our lucky stars daily that I don't break our budget by living in civilization. This all brings me to the many ways I've been trying to make Starbucks iced coffee at home for years. I've tried almost every way possible and I haven't reached acceptable results yet. So I bought a Toddy . And so far I really like it. I'm still working on the perfect recipe because the recommended recipe did not come out nearly as strong as I like it, but my second crack at it turned out divine! Maybe even better than Starbucks. Anyway, that's my official approval of Toddy .


I'm just realizing I haven't eaten any breakfast today. I keep meaning to make a better habit of eating breakfast and keep failing. It's so frustrating. And I honestly don't think there's any little trick or anything that could make me do it more easily and frequently so one day I'll figure it out or just bite the bullet and discipline myself. 
Also in bad habits department. If we're not going anywhere I don't usually get dressed until after lunch. It honestly doesn't bother me, and the days I get dressed earlier don't magically make me more peppy, even though I usually support moms getting dressed across the board. So I think that's laziness? Either way, I was dressed before getting the kids up this morning and Dominic said before anything else, "Hey, why are you dressed already?" Not a good sign is it?


I found these adorable Bobbsey Twins books the other day at the Salvation Army. I couldn't resist. I think vintage books may be my biggest weakness. Next to not being able to dress myself before noon and eat breakfast of course. C'est le Vie. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer weekend - Happy long weekend America!

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  1. Love the Toddy, too. You might try making ice cubes with the concentrate to up the coffee factor. I also think breakfast is overrated. I find that a banana and iced coffee are working for me this summer. Save the calories if you are not hungry and feel OK!

  2. Thanks for posting about the Toddy! I sent the link to my husband who loves iced coffee, and was actually thinking about shellibg out $$ for a keurig JUST so we could make the "iced coffee" with it. This seems so much more cost effective. Please post your perfect recipe when you get it!

    Also, do you at least have a Tim Horton's??

  3. Oh man, Christy, your writing always makes me smile. "It's one of those never ending hobbies I have, similar to having children." :-)

    I let my kids have free reign with the hose, too. I have fond memories, from when I was a kid, of jumping on the trampoline with the hose. It was awesome. I hope to get a trampoline for my kids some year soon.

    And staying in my PJs half the day only gets me down when I don't have on a bra. Going around without a bra is the worst feeling in the world.

    And I should stop now.

  4. I'm really bad about not getting dressed right away too, which means I don't brush my teeth right away either and that makes me REALLY cranky! That and, like Laura, no bra... I'm just in such an awkward phase of maternity clothes *just* starting to fit and regular clothes *just* starting NOT TO WORK AT ALL that I feel like I have nothing to wear and I don't want to spend forever deciding and SOMEBODY is going to be causing havoc if I go downstairs to get dressed, so I just sit miserably in my pajamas being climbed on waiting for the twins to nap so I can get dressed.

    Yeah, really need to work on that...

  5. Oh my gosh, your Max is exactly like my 2-year-old Katie Rose. We drove to a spray park 30 minutes away for a playdate today. Oh so exciting, getting on my "baby suit," play in water, yay yay yay! The second she gets wet the tears come on. To her credit she did calm down and permit big brother to hold her hand and lead her up to the sprinkler thing where she cautiously put in one hand at a time, but then some other kid splashed her and she was DONE with the splash park. She's the same way with the sprinkler at home, so eager but then wants nothing to do with it as soon as the water touches her. Kids are weird.

  6. I moved to DC five years ago to work in the U.S. Senate. After about two years, I couldn't handle it any more and made a run for the private sector. The first season (especially) of House of Cards is a perfect representation of what is happening, in my opinion. It is truly scary. But, even though the series is fictional, I think it comes across as truly believable. And in that sense, I love recommending it! Congress needs to be exposed for what it is. And I'm with you on Robin Wright. She is stunning.



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