Friday, May 23, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 90

I've done 90 quick takes?! How long have I been blogging anyway?
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We had a lovely week on the whole after recovering from a stomach-flu ridden long weekend! Doesn't a normal day without vomit really show you how good life can be? I think it was good we were all forced to slow down somewhat last week, even though we didn't have fancy plans, because it's been a bit of craziness with soccer and my husband driving so much to go to school everyday in the city. It was a weekend full of family tromps through the forest, looking at baby calves, playing with baby kittens, and nursing our baby Nora who was stricken the worst with the stomach plague. And the weather wasn't great so we didn't have to feel guilty about not going camping somewhere...oh wait...I never feel guilty for not camping!


The big news of the week however was Gemma turning 7! 7 people!? How did this happen?! I know, I know, every sentimental mom out there waxes poetically about their rapidly aging offspring but honestly, my child was honestly a baby yesterday and now she's seven. And reading and telling me I can't say things because they're not cool. 

We had a small family birthday with her but as usual she was joyful and enthusiastic and full of birthday glee! She's really a wonderful, caring, happy, joyful person, who just loves everyone so much. Seriously, she's such a love. We're so lucky to have her in our family, and I'll stop before I start crying...


The day after Gemma's birthday is my birthday so we just kept the cupcakes coming and pretended I'm not trying to lose all that baby weight that's been hanging around for over a year. It works out to a birthday week of sorts so there's nothing to complain about around here. It's my last year of 20-hood, which means I should be hitting some 30 before 30. Maybe?


On to some newsier news: Sarah, from Amongst Lovely Things, has just written and released a great new ebook on homeschooling called Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace. It's a wonderful read that brings into focus what our attitude should be towards homeschooling and how this relates towards our kids, our homes, and ourselves. I think Sarah did an impeccable job bringing together spiritual ideas to the practical forefront of motherhood and life in the home. It's really a great resource that I think can speak to anyone no matter what point they are in their homeschooling experience. I'd even recommend it for those currently not homeschooling because the book's philosophy towards motherhood and life is really valuable.

The ebook itself is really well done, with plenty of Sarah's great photographs and is clearly laid out and easy to read. It sounds silly mentioning that, but an easy to read ebook is something I appreciate!

Sarah's put together a series of audio conversations that go along with the book, and I've found them to be really excellent. She also created a journal to go along with the book so you can write and bring together your own thoughts. She's kind enough to run a sale on the book until June 1st and it is a steal of a deal, so maybe take advantage soon!

(I'm an affiliate, so if you're interested and make a purchase through my link I'll get a small percentage. Thanks!)


Speaking of homeschooling, I never really write about it but we're still plugging along. For the most part I feel like this year has gone well. Which may be because I had severely low expectations, what with having a baby and a toddler and a preschooler in addition to Dom and Gemma basically being taught together.

I think one of the hardest things about homeschooling is of course breaking out of the mold of a traditional school mindset, with classes and subjects, and fears the kids aren't doing enough, which haven't been as bad for me since I was homeschooled myself. But those fears are always there and need to be put in their place, it is a lot of responsibility to be solely responsible for all of your child's development including their schooling.

I think we've reached a point where "school" is just a part of our daily routine and it seems to flow fairly well within our day. Since we've reached this sweet spot I think we'll continue to do our little schooling through the summer because it would be more disruptive at this point to stop it altogether and then go through trying to bring it back in September. We'll take off a week here and there for vacation, when Daddy has days off, and when we want to just pick up and go to the lake for the day and I won't feel guilty one bit!


Our day looks pretty informal. We don't even have a specific "morning time" but usually read aloud every morning, rotating through different books each day, books on the saints, the Bible and religion, then good quality fairy tales or My Book House, then maybe just picture books they've picked from the library, and various books on animals, birds, etc. The kids and I usually need a break just from that, so they'll play for awhile, and I'll do a little cleaning, get the baby down for her nap, read a blog. Once Nora's napping I'll try and get Luke preoccupied with stickers, drawing, just reading a Lego book while trying to contain the Max chaos. He ends up in his room 50% of the time for school if he's being impossible, and he really does need a little break by that time in the morning regardless.

Then while Nora's sleeping I'll work though the writing and reading lesson with Gemma and Dom for the day. We've been using the Primary Arts of Language program and we usually need two or three days to go through each lesson. The kid's seem to enjoy it, and they are learning a lot and reading quite well I think, so I'm on board with it. It doesn't take us too long to work through the lesson, usually 30-45 minutes by which point everyone's fully done.

Math doesn't get done till after lunch when everyone's been reset and all the babies have been dealt with. It's not the best time, but if we devout a solid 15-20 minutes to it we get a lot done. I've recently bought the A Beka math books for the summer because using the Singapore Math program for Grade 1 was just turning out to be too much work on my part for not very much reward on the kid's learning part.

If I ever write a homeschooling ebook it will be called The Lazy Girl's Guide to Homeschooling. Has that been written already? It probably didn't sell well. And that is enough homeschool talk for everyone today.


I love that the trees are budding and finally getting leaves, that the kids are right this moment playing outside, and that it's warm out! I am a million times more grateful for summer this year. It smells like heaven outside too, and I fall asleep to the sounds of frogs croaking and owls hooting out my gloriously wide open window!

Hope everyone has a great spring weekend and long weekend in the States!

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  1. I want to read the Lazy Girl's Guide to Homeschooling! That sounds right up my alley!

  2. Christy, you (and Sarah) sound like my kinda homeschooling mom. I can get behind that! Oh, and happy belated birthday to you and Gemma! Welcome to the 29 club! I should probably make some goals to meet before the big 30 but, eh. Lazy.

  3. We school through the summer as well. I find that during summer especially, we need thr structure of school work.

    And, I think it's super cool that you were homeschooled and are now homeschooling. It gives me hope that kids won't hate it so much, they decide to never do it. LOL

    Happy Birthday!

  4. 29? So very young!! Enjoy your is fleeting! Trust me on this one. ;)

  5. Happy birthday to you, and happy birthday to your girl! Love all your pictures. Enjoy the warmer weather! I'm thankful for that, too. :)

  6. Happy birthday to you and to Gemma! She seems like a wonderful, loving kid and obviously has fabulous taste in sunglasses.


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