Friday, May 16, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 89

Joining the lovely bestseller, Jen for a little Friday news. Make sure to visit all the better takers!


If you could please spare a prayer for the repose of the soul of Fr. Gilbert Dasna, a priest from my diocese who was murdered last weekend, that would be wonderful. It would seem he was killed because of his faith. He was a priest who came to Canada from Africa, and was killed on the third anniversary of his arrival in Canada. It's pretty amazing that African priests are becoming missionary martyrs in Canada in 2014, but that seems to be the case. Priests live heroic lives in our times!


I'm sure you read Design Mom right? I was catching up with her today and was so thrilled to see Nell from Whole Parenting Family and her home profiled. It's an absolutely stunning home! Do click over for a visit.

 I love Design Mom's series on peering into people's homes as they live with kids because it can be eyeopening in both the direction of living in beautiful homes even with kids, and how the common kid mess/clutter doesn't have to seem strange or bad but just part of the beauty of your home. Nell's house is some kinda incredible, I've always dreamed about living in a house that old, but here in Alberta that's incredibly hard to come by, unless you like living in a half blown over, partly sod covered pioneer's shed. 


I also mention Nell's home and the post because I think it's really great that Catholic bloggers are being recognized in the blogging world, and by Mormon blogging. Mainly because Mormon blogging seems to be the creme de la creme of the blogging world. It's just exciting that more Catholic written blogs are becoming acknowledged and "out there". Am I making sense? Sometimes I talk blog and I swear I'm the only one who could understand it.


I bought this contraption this week as a birthday prezzie to myself. I think I may be getting a bit fanatical about iced coffee, but I really need something to get me through the summer month without the use of cheesecloth. Because... really, cheesecloth Pioneer Woman?!


How many of you journal on a daily/regular basis? I'm talking more about journalling as a vehicle for prayer/personal growth and I like the concept and think it would help me out a lot but....time. I have this discussion with my spiritual director all the time and my excuses about time because I can't just sit down and journal for ten minutes, I need hours to dissect and cry about all my issues! Anyway! Tell me you secrets in this are if you've got em.


I've been fighting some strange stomach bug all week. It's weirdness and capacity of throwing me off from my regular 100% is dragging me down. There's no functioning with 5 kids when you're not running at 100%. I mean, you live through it, but it is no fun at all and the house completely crumbles! So. I think I should just take a vacation and the house and children will magically take care of themselves, right?


Just a picture of the boys, totally unrelated, from the Gram.

By the time Friday rolls around I feel like all the wonderful great things I've read all week have vanished from my memory. I need to become adept at saving my loved things to share with you! I hope everyone has a great weekend, is it a long weekend in the States too? Memorial Day confuses me.

I'm going to finish the second season of Bletchley Circle tonight - yi - talk about a heavy show, but I like it? I'm reserving judgement because I probably have to think about it a little more and not just revert to my default position of Every British Television Show = Awesome.

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  1. Please tell us if the iced coffee contraption works!

  2. Would love to hear more about the iced coffee thing works! Might need to get one for this summer!

  3. Hahaha, Christy! Batten down the hatches for the summer month! You're hilarious.

    And so many prayers for Fr. Gilbert and the community there, and his family... so sad and shocking.

  4. What a horrible tragedy, definitely will keep Fr. Gilbert in our prayers, how awful for your community.
    On a happier note, that is a cute picture of your lil superhero's on the couch:)

  5. Oh my gosh. That Fr. Gilbert story is too much. I'll be keeping him in my prayers most definitely.

    I am also really curious about this iced coffee thing. (And wasn't I just telling you how I totally go out and buy things bloggers recommend? Haha) you must let us know how it works!

  6. What? 2nd season of Bletchley Circle is out?! The 1st season was definitely heavy but so gripping my hubs and I couldn't not finish it. And #3- when I first started reading blogs a few years ago most of the "big-time" ones I came across were by Mormon bloggers (not that that is bad!). I agree that it's great to find more Catholic written blogs coming into the spotlight.
    Such terrible news about Fr. Dansa. Prayer for the repose of his soul!

  7. My journal days ended after the birth of my first son. I used to be quite the journaler but now use my little space on the web as my little writing outlet that helps me process things here and there (haha, and it's hard even to do that sometimes!). I have a delicious recipe for Iced coffee! I use a french press and it gets the job done :) Will email you the recipe! Also, so sorry about Fr. Gilbert. Such a tragedy! Prayers for him and all that knew him.

  8. Journaling. I used to do it a lot (a.lot.) and then started writing letters to Zeke instead (because long-distance) and now that we're not long-distance anymore, I really haven't journal-ed much. But! I started a Bible study through Good Morning Girls, and it's journal-based. You write down the verse (at first, I was like, "Too much worck," but it really helps to think about and remember the verse) and then write observations and applications... it's pretty great. I would recommend them for sure.


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