Friday, April 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 40

I've just got a whole lotta random for you.

For much more refined and enlightened takes of the week see Jen and the takers!


Firstly, praise the good Lord Baby Jesus its finally warm outside!!! 
Finally my months of living in the tundra and sub-freezing temperatures is over!!
Am I blowing this out of proportion?? No. Its been a good seven months since we've had temperatures in the plus double celsius digits here. Its a HUGE miracle. 
I love it. 
Just thought it would be fair to mention because I've only been whining about the weather for months in my quick takes. You deserve it quick take readers...


I've got not too much baby news. Things are still trudging along. I think this week saw minor improvements to our routines and such, slight improvements to my mood, but a major jump in mom guilt. I think I'm still way too over-sensitive to my inability to not do much right now so I'm reading way too much into every small action of my children. Like I'm jumping to crazy conclusions like the idea of sending Gemma to school. Public school. I'm losing my mind I know, but I'm feeling guilty for not providing any structured activities lately. I'm sure she's regressed from all that not very fancy homeschooling we've been doing this year. Plus all sorts of parental guilt like I'm holding her back and killing her education have hit me. But I'm pretty sure 98% of all that is irrational. She's 5. I need to dial it down a little.


In good kid news however, because I'm trying to redirect my cray-cray towards something positive, I've  decided I don't want to forget how cute/sweet/heart-melting it is to hear the kids say, "Hi mummy, I'm home!" when they walk inside. Its so funny because usually its Gemma and she's been outside for 2.5 minutes but still announces her arrival anyway. I kinda love it. Its one of those things I want to remember when they're all big and grown up and I'm old.


Its 6:30 right now and the kids are still playing outside! That is what I'm talking about!!

(If anyone reads this blog and doesn't have children...yeah, you think I'm a total weirdo right now I know...)


Am I the only one excited for The Great Gatsby movie? I'm intrigued as to how it will turn out, what with the 3-D, the Jay-Z, and Baz Luhrmann. But I do think that Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan could not be more perfectly cast. I love Carey Mulligan and these pictures and gowns from Vogue are so dreamy and perfectly 1920's. Beautiful! 


I don't know how to say this, but...I set up a Facebook page for this here blog. 
I feel really strange doing it, it makes me feel like I have illusions to grandeur somehow. I also have no idea what I'm doing, but I hope to post only awesome things and links to my if you like to like things and people click on over and say hi...and tell me what to do! 


I'm really awful at the design/social media/layout and keeping up with the blog. I want my blog to look pretty, but have no time or ability. All I want to do is handle the post business, I need someone to be full time on making it pretty and coming up with buttons and fonts at my beck and call. That would be a full time job right? I'm accepting resumes! Or just tips. Or prayers!

Hope everyone has a smashing weekend. Next week I hope to have...a giveaway so lookout!


  1. Definitely excited about the Great Gatsby movie here!!!! I LOVE period/era type movies....I don't know what you call them, but they completely suck me in!!! And Leo.....he just always does a great part!!!

  2. There is nothing wrong with school, especially in the lower grades. One woman can only do so much. You've only got two arms and 24 hours in a day, kwim? School is a way to consistently meet an older child's educational needs while you meet the babies and toddlers physical and emotional needs at home. And please know this is not meant as a criticism, but as encouragement.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one excited for the Great Gatsby! (But chances are I will be way behind in seeing it...)


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