Friday, April 12, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 38

Joining lovely Grace who's hosting for the amazing Jen. Jen's conversion and the work she has done for the faith, and continues to do, must really be making waves because I think she's encountering some spiritual warfare with how much of a tough road this pregnancy has been and now the struggle of having her baby in the NICU. Prayers and thoughts for her, her beautiful family, and little Joseph!


On that note I've just gotta say that I really can't imagine having to go through my baby having to be in intensive care for whatever reason. I'm sure it has to be one of the most difficult things parents go through. I'm the biggest worrier/stress-er when it comes to the kids. We had to take Max to the paediatrician this week Ifor something that really was minor and I was stressed about that! It really makes me try to be more aware and thankful for my children's health. I know I take it for granted at most times. I've been thinking and praying for Jen and her baby all week, and trying to pray more for all sick children and their families.



I'm most thankful this precious little girl is doing wonderfully! I'm trying to soak up all the wonderful, magical newborn-ness while I  can! Nora's been very huggable this week. All the kids still love her and apparently her new-ness hasn't quite worn off. I love how little and cuddly they are at this age. And its all over in a blink of an eye isn't it? Don't grow up babies!


So I haven't been doing much. The newborn stage of baby and getting used to a new person in the family kinda whittles down my time to baby, changing diapers, feeding people, maybe wash some dishes, maybe fold some laundry. We've been surviving fairly well considering I'm in survival mode and doing the bare kinda makes me wonder that I probably could get away with doing way less around here! Oh wait...the kitchen table hasn't been wiped in about 4 debatable.

We also haven't gone out at all yet. We've gone to Mass of course, and one trip to the city for Nora's little check-up, the Max pediatrician, and a Costco run!  I don't like hauling newborns around much. They're just so small and delicate and I'm just so very uptight. Or maybe its a good thing? I'm starting to feel a little guilty about the older kids not getting out much, but I know this stage won't last forever and we're bound to catch up on our getting out aren't we? Sometimes I think I'll just become a mom-hermit and reject leaving the house altogether...there has got to be some strange medieval religious order that tried that once or twice surely...


Its my darling husband's birthday today. And because of my lack of going out of the house I haven't even been able to get him any present of any sort. But its also partly his fault because he's impossible to buy for. Why isn't there a man equivalent of that I could just go and pick something out for him?


I'm hoping to get to this Catholic woman's conference tomorrow. (It does entail having to leave the house and see people in real life though...) The speaker is Colleen Carroll Campbell of EWTN fame and the author of the really great book My Sisters the Saints.
I started the book last week, and I've been really surprised by how much I've enjoyed it. For some reason I assumed by the title that it would be an overly pious, overly spiritual memoir about saints and I'm so happy to report that its a very real, very relatable telling of her spiritual growth and relationship with some great saints. Maybe I'll write about it in another post if I get a chance, but I recommend it for sure!
I hope to get to the conference tomorrow BUT...


Short Term ForecastUpdated:Friday, April 12, 2013, 15:12MDT

 FridayEveningEvening: 6:00 PM - 11:59 PMFridayOvernightOvernight: 12:00 AM - 5:59 AMSaturdayMorningMorning: 6:00 AM - 11:59 AMSaturdayAfternoonAfternoon: 12:00 PM - 5:59 PMSaturdayEveningEvening: 6:00 PM - 11:59 PM
 Snow-rain showersSnowLight snowScattered flurriesScattered flurries
 Snow-rain showersSnowLight snowScattered flurriesScattered flurries
Temp.3 °C-1 °C-2 °C0 °C-1 °C
Feels Like-1-7-8-5-6
WindE  20 km/hE  25 km/hNE  25 km/hNE  20 km/hNE  15 km/h
Relative Humidity76  %86  %100  %100  %100  %
P.O.P.40  %90  %80  %70  %60  %
Rainless than 1 mm - - - - 
Snowless than 1 cm close to 5 cm 1-3 cm close to 1 cm less than 1 cm 

24-Hour Precipitation Outlook

  • less than 1 mm of rain from Friday Evening to Saturday Evening.
  • close to 10 cm of snow from Friday Evening to Saturday Evening.

Yep. That's the forecast for this weekend. Actually theres a heavy snowfall warning as well that you can't see on this graphic. Maybe a foot of snow!
Spring? What spring?
I'm beginning to think purgatory will be a perpetual April with only snow and cold. You'd always be waiting and wanting spring. You'd intellectually know it should be spring, but you'd be denied all spring-like things...for as long as you're in purgatory!


And I just wanted to remind you that if you like a good conversation on NFP make sure you go over to Carrots for Michaelmas and read Haley's series. Its a great overview on NFP from some great women with different perspectives. I find it really interesting, but I'm basically an NFP nerd.

Everyone with spring like temperatures go out and enjoy it this weekend for me!


  1. WOW. you will be sainted for that forecast. And I totally agree on Jen ... I really feel so terrible for her. It sounds really awful on top of trying to recover from just having giving birth and not being able to hold her baby!

    Nora really is the cutest. The cutest. You sound like you're doing so much better than I am and Theo is 3.5 months old.

  2. Colleen is totally amazing, I had the joy of meeting her and being on her show last month while she was in Rome for the pope stuff aaaaaaaand I was a complete creeper and downloaded and read her book in between episodes. Creeper. But I loved it and I loved her, and I hope you get to go to the conference. Also, Nora makes me want to have another baby, but only if I can check 'lady' on the order form. Because cupcake onesies. Oh my.

  3. Hopefully you made it to the conference. I kindled the book after reading this and have been enjoying it, thanks!


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