Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 things?

Sweet, Roman Jenny tagged me a million days ago but I've not had any consistent thoughts since then.

I actually have no idea what day it is at this point. I'm in a weird third trimester space and time continuum where each day feels like the same exhausting day followed by a night of no real sleep.

And I'm completely caught up in Conclave Fever-I'm a crazed person going from one extreme of anxiety to excitement by the hour-kinda like how I feel about this pregnancy/giving birth right now too!

End of ramblings - here we go:

1)  I grew up on a real, live, working cattle ranch. Hell, I'm still living on one. Our little house is on my parents property and the view from my front window usually consists of cows. I grew up on a ranch my entire life, rode horses, always chased cows, got dirty, yet my husband still tells me I'm the most un-country country girl he's ever seen. However his experience is pretty limited. I really should go all Pioneer Woman with pictures one of these days...maybe if the snow ever melts!

2) I'm still completely addicted to Top Chef. Its almost ridiculous. I think I have an out of whack sense of loyalty towards tv shows I like, but this is like the 20th season of Top Chef and I still get way too much enjoyment out of it. But really, its so good, and the food looks so good! Whats not to like?!

3) I sometimes joke that if I wasn't Catholic or, ya know, didn't have Jesus, that I would have gone into politics. And I'm not just talking becoming a politician, because Lord knows I couldn't smooze I would be one of the actually powerful people behind the scenes. Organizing, controlling, stomping on little people. The fun stuff. I'm pretty sure that's what would happen without any form of sanctifying grace, I would become an evil politician! Except I would get to wear pencil skirts and high heels every day...

4) I really love alcohol. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a million months pregnant. I love it and I miss it. I also think that I should be completely off the hook in giving up alcohol ever again for Lent because I've gone 9 months x 5. And God completely understands. I'm sure of it! I'm hoping this baby will be out by Easter and I can enjoy a great scotch. And then every week when Mad Men is on I'm going to have a gimlet...and everyday! Ok...this is getting out of hand.

5) One of the things I consider on the list of my greatest accomplishments is mopping the floor at Madonna House. Madonna House is a beautiful religious community founded by Catherine Doherty and its indescribably beautiful and holy. Catherine Doherty had such amazing wisdom and her philosophy always just grabbed me. When people stay at Madonna House they're invited to live the life of service the same as those in the Apostolate, so scrubbing floors was on of my tasks in the couple weeks I stayed after University finished for the year. Somehow when you're there the reality of the importance of service, and love in the small things seems to make so much more sense than in the world. Scrubbing that floor was great!

Well, that's all I've got. I'm going to tag Haley, Molly, Ellen, Cynthia, and Ashley. Sorry if you've already been tagged a million times and I don't know it!

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  1. How did I never respond to this post??? Erg, sorry! I'm completely with you on #4. I think of all miserable things about being pregnant, having to go through it all WITHOUT a glass (or 3) of wine every night is a crime. And! I can't wait for Mad Men either!

    Also, I have never been to Madonna House myself, but my best friend from childhood's (and SK's godmother) aunt is one of the consecrated there (is that right? they're not Sisters?) so I've heard much of their family visits there. That's so awesome that you've had such amazing experiences there as well!


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