Sunday, December 23, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Hey everyone, I'm back, because I think I may be addicted to What I Wore Sunday.
Wishing all of you linking up from Fine Linen and Purple a very Merry Christmas!

Now on to the festivities.

What the what?! She's wearing a skirt! I decided that apparently its just going to be -25 for the rest of the winter so I might as well bite the bullet and finally wear a dress again to Mass! I busted out the ol' tights and took the polar bear plunge of running from my house to car to Church, and then Church to car to house. And I have a rule that if I'm going to wear horribly uncomfortable tights they damn well better be a colour. These are supposed to be "violet". The nighttime glow doesn't really do them justice.

And its official. I'm getting worse at looking even close to normal every single week.

In full disclosure I totally wore boots, but had to put four kids to bed instantly after returning from Mass tonight because it was our Parish Christmas supper and everyone was completely exhausted and unreasonable so the boots had to go. And this cardigan makes me look McFrumpy but its really cozy and I have to maintain my Queen of the Cardigan status. 

The cute shoes, by the way, are the pair I won from Grace which I have hardly had the chance to wear...which just makes me sad. 

I look forward to eating my five pound Toblerone bar of chocolate while catching up with the more fashion conscious!


  1. You look FABULOUS and holy canoli, those shoes are awesome!! Lucky you!! You should just wear them every opportunity you dinner, watching TV, changing diapers...whatever...super cute!!

  2. It's not wrong to covet shoes, right? They look great on you, as does the whole outfit.

  3. I try to dress according to the weather here (ND), but there comes a point where I think my head will spin if I wear another pair of pants! Ha. Looking lovely!

  4. What? You won a Grace raffle? And McFrumpy? Not fair and not true!

  5. Love the shoes! The dress is tres cute & I love the tights. I bought a purple pair last year and have yet to get up the courage to wear them!

  6. Love the tights. I'm a confirmed tights enthusiast, and the violet is a great choice with that outfit.
    And I'm jealous that you won the Grace shoes.

  7. Yowza! Hot mama! Do you know I have zero colOUred tights? Just black and brown. Wow, I am dull. You're inspiring me.

  8. Normal is overrated. I think you look just fine anyways. LOL. Your shoes and tights are great!

  9. You can rock a cardi like no other and those shoes are to die for!!!

  10. You look so cute! Love the shoes! I can't believe you won a giveaway you lucky girl!


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