Friday, December 7, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol. 26

Very quick takes for ya'lls. Enjoy, and go visit the wonderful Jens!


 It was another wonderful week of weather up here. And I hate complaining about the weather, but I'm complaining about the weather. I really can't even put kids outside even in 14 layers of clothing without risking severe frostbite within minutes, so I've resorted to making everyone take "naps" for a good hour in the afternoons. I think its a coping mechanism. A coping mechanism that involves me watching Downton Abbey Season 3. I savour even a few minutes free of questions/whines/needs. 

Horrible mom confession over.


You know you're in the throes of winter when my television consumption rises to new heights. It was a week of traumatic television. There was the really disappointing episode of The Walking Dead, where I screamed at the television out of frustration making my husband impose the ban on no screaming while watching anything with him. Downton, of course, and I'm not going to be a spoiler so anyone who has seen know what I'm talking about. Emotionally traumatized. And then we also are slowly making our way through Breaking Bad, and finally hit the season four finale, which if you watch it you also know what I'm talking about. So I'm pretty sure tv is going to be pretty disappointing for the next little while.


Not the big city, but on the road to the aforementioned. 

I made it to the big ci-tay yesterday sans little peeps. I wish I could have basked in all that is the city AND no littles but I had so much Christmas/grocery shopping to do it was a whirlwind of shopping that wasn't the most enjoyable type. It was the mom type. I think I'm still in denial when I think that somehow I shouldn't be included in the mom shopping category...BUT I AM! 


St. Nicholas Day was a hit around here. Theres something to be said about not allowing your kids a ton of candy, because a couple chocolate coins and a candy cane really make there day! Gemma keeps asking where St. Nicholas lives and I say heaven and she seems confused. Should I say North Pole? I don't think thats theologically correct at all. Navigating St. Nicholas with small children is tricky business. Maybe this could have been avoided by never introducing Santa...but thats fairly impossible isn't it? I'm not sure. 


We were all reading a little nativity book the other day and got to the part with the three wise men bringing presents to Baby Jesus. This is the kids favourite part. Everybody's asking what the presents were, Gemma of course asks what they were wrapped in??, and I explain gold, frankincense, and myrrh. To which Luke says, "Myrrh?! I LOVE myrrh!" Right. Of course you do. 


And everyone should go see my friend Rebekah and her fun blog and enter to win one of her beautiful handmaid headbands
You're welcome!


We haven't got any exciting plans for this weekend. We're still in the process of building a new bedroom in the basement since we're rapidly outgrowing our little house, so that's what the husband will be doing, I will probably be finishing Downton Abbey instead of being all productive and stuff. No one really has started wrapping yet have they??
And its going to be beyond cold! So hopefully I'm still alive come Monday! 
Have a good Second weekend of Advent!


  1. Oh Luke. I wonder what he thinks Myrrh really is...

  2. 1. I feel so bad for you and that cold weather. We've had a rainy week, and I'm thankful!
    2. Ohhhh Downton. Shane was pretty much crying. (Yes, he loves the show even more than I do!)
    4. Saint Nicholas IS a tricky children haven't quite figured it out that it doesn't make much sense..but I feel like very soon it will happen.
    6. Thanks for the shout out! I'll make sure you win! (haha)


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