Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Theres a GURGLE GURGLE sound coming from the basement!"

Last night was a unique one. Let me set the stage by saying some strange stomach bug is plaguing the boys. The previous night my youngest baby threw up in his crib during his sleep, and last night right after supper, after no other signs of illness from anyone btw, Dominic also was sick. 

After my husband and I had cleaned Dom up and put everyone in bed I took a nice hot bath in hopes that I'd get a solid night sleep and recover from the last couple nights of dubious sleeping altogether. As soon as I was out of the tub Dom began screaming again and the cleanup began once again. Once we had him back into bed and were trying to promise no more upsetting events I heard a huge "GURGLE-GURGLE" coming from the bathroom directly below the kids' room. A horror movie kinda gurgle gurgle, low and rumbling. 

We rushed downstairs to find the bathroom fine, but water slowly gurgling up from our floor drain in the laundry room. Fortunately, it was gurgling slowly and only creeping along the cement floor while we tried to stop it using old sheets and towels.

And as we live out in the wilderness, we are on a septic system, which by the way has to be the most unglamorous term....ever. So after some words with the landlord, aka my father, the primary diagnosis was the septic systems emptying field underground had frozen up leaving the septic tank unable to fully empty. Due to the whole month of March never getting over temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius and about 2 feet of heavy snow on the ground. Thankfully the water started to drain back down the right way after a few minutes and my husband cleaned up the remaining water.

Needless to say, I spent the whole night tossing and turning thinking about the inability to wash loads and loads worth of laundry my poor sick children were creating all through the night. In my mind I thought if worse came to worse I'd pile every piece of blanket and linen into a huge fiery pyre. 

This morning however, the sun is shining and my dad promises that if we spread out our water usage I'll be able to both bathe my kids and wash their dirty laundry. So far I've be successful in both, so the only thing now is to get these sick kids better! I'll be carefully rationing my water use and taking care of the little loves today. 

P.S. Aren't you glad theres no pictures of this??

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  1. That sounds terrible, glad the sun is shining and it's a new day though!

    Thanks so much for your sweet words about Styled!


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