Friday, April 6, 2018

Seven Quick Takes, bb

Hi, Kelly!


That's it. I need to do some quick takes. I am fiercely loyal to Seven Quick Takes and I wish I could do them every week. It's also beens so long since I've blogged that I feel like I should have a grand post here instead of just ramblings, but too bad, I can't wait any longer for real inspiration to strike! Seven Quick Takes needs me!


Guys, I know I complain about the weather. A lot. I mean, it's somewhat of a hobby at this point. But I sincerely wish to revoke all previous complaints so I can allocate them to this truly, terrible, God-forsaken "spring" we're having. We've honestly had probably 3 days of real melting. It was -27 when my husband went to work this morning on April 6. There is still a good three feet of iced, blown over,  crackling banks of snow in the fields with no bare ground even visible! And it would be almost tolerable if the long term forecast had predicted temperatures above 10 degrees in the next two weeks, but no, we're going to be lucky if it gets above freezing and we'll probably have more snow. It's just too much. Shoot me now!


March seemed to go by in a flurry of different things this year. I was working on various projects that had to get done, we had birthday parties, Holy Week, I did a modicum of spring cleaning because I truly haven't cleaned much all winter, and we started painting our main floor. It went by quickly which was good because....the weather!


I got shamelessly sucked into the new cult documentary series on Netflix called Wild Wild Country this week. I almost appreciate the wackiness of the cult more than the production value of the documentary, but the filmmaking is just really good. Cults are crazy, but endlessly fascinating. It's just really a blatant example of how humans are religious creatures who honestly can worship pretty much anything. We always think the Israelites in the desert were so dumb for worshiping that golden bull, but cults...they don't have a lot of substance for the amount of worship they illicit either.


I've also been trying to catch up on my reading because March sucked up all my reading time, but I still somehow managed to start new books so I'm reading approximately 6 books right now. That's too much even for me. I feel like I need about 4 solid days of reading to get things under control! Not that 4 straight days of reading is a remote possibility or anything...


Easter this year was a lot of fun even if it was under a lot of snow and colder than Christmas was this past year. I remember that Easter and holidays in general really used to stress me out for some reason. I just always was worried I wasn't doing things the right way, and wondered if all the extended family thought they were getting their time, and if my kids were going to be happy with what was in their Easter baskets, and were we doing enough traditions and going to enough liturgies and did I make enough desserts! It just felt like so much and it felt so important because it was a special holiday and I felt stressed about the whole thing. Which isn't really like me to be stressed out about non-life-threatening issues, but it just did! But the past couple years, maybe having bigger kids, have just felt easier and much more relaxing. I do really hate change and really love routine, so now that we've got more holiday rhythms things seem so much easier. 


This Easter week has been hard to get back into the swing of things. I'm fairly confident it's a symptom of extreme cabin fever and the fact we've been around each other in close confines without the ability to just get outside in so long, but it has been a struggle. Just my lack of patience and frustration with what seems like the endless repeating of the same things every. single. day. can get me down. I know it's a part of motherhood, but a very big part of me just wishes for that breakthrough where kids just got through that somehow huge hurdle where they could just GET stuff without me repeating it day in, day out ad nauseam. It's a motherhood struggle. Here's hoping for a relaxing weekend! 

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  1. Wow, six books at once is impressive! And slightly terrifying to think of. Recently I discovered that I was reading 4 at one time, and I definitely think that's my limit. I had to put 3 of them aside so I could push through one and then another and now I *think* it's finally under control since I'm only reading 2 at the moment. I just have a problem when it comes to books; we walk to the library a few times a week and I always have this compulsion to check out at least one book when we go and then start reading it.
    It's great to hear that you guys are having a good Easter! I've lately been thinking about how much I love having a liturgical year with lengthy seasons in which to celebrate these holidays-it puts less stress on me to do ALL the traditions and make all of the fancy dishes I want to at once. Towards the end of Lent I started thinking about fun things I wanted to make or do for Easter, so I've just been spreading it out and will continue to do so. We haven't even done our egg hunt yet, but we still have tons of time to fit that in ;)

  2. I don’t mind hearing about your weather at all. I’m thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s just so different. I am sorry cabin fever has set in. Ironically I feel it in the summer when the days are so long and too hot to go outside. Your Easter picture with the kids is precious. I look forward to it gettin easier. My two year old kicked the elderly lady in front of us during the consecration at Easter Sunday.

  3. You are incredible! I can't imagine living in that kind of weather. It rained three days straight and after that the kids were driving me crazy and I was jonesing for the sun. Yeah, I'm a wimp. I can't imagine what you are going through! Praying that some warmer weather heads your way soon! :-) Oh, and your family is sooo beautiful!! Happy Easter!

  4. Pretty sure your loyalty to Quick Takes is cult like...but I'm fine with that. Can someone make a golden bull with my face on it or something for my new #7QT logo??

  5. I've been complaining about the weather fanatically but then I see you post and instagram and think that woman is a saint! How does she survive. I am in total awe. You have my admiration. lol I literally want to know what your day in the life looks like because I don't understand how you do winter and still live.


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