Friday, March 24, 2017

Seven Quick Takes vol. 157

Don't give Kelly up for Lent.

I know, I should be blogging about Lenten things, but how many complaining posts about all the things can you really read?? I thought I'd just do a quick rundown of stuff I've been watching. It's Fluff Friday, if you will.



This is a dark Icelandic detective series that was completely atmospheric and moody and everything I needed to watch in February/March. If you need to make yourself feel better about your endless winter and craptastic weather, you should watch a television show that takes place in weather that is WORSE than yours! I didn't believe it was possible, but this show had the worst weather, and we relished that it was worse than ours. Which is sort of proof that bad weather really warps your mind in dark ways...hence the popularity of the Scandinavian crime series these days.

But the actual series, Christy! An unidentified torso turns up in the waters outside a small town in Iceland. The extremely tiny police force consisting of three people and their giant, teddy bear-like chief with a complicated family, must try and solve the murder without any outside help because of the ensuing horrific weather. It's very well crafted, with great performances from most of the actors (some are poor and stick out like sore thumbs), and does a great job of making you feel like you're part of this small town. You know me and small town mysteries - a total sucker! But if you don't mind subtitles and like being riveted by the Icelandic language this is worth your time.


Jane the Virgin

Finally on Canadian Netflix, Jane the Virgin offers the perfect mix of soap opera dramatics and tongue in cheek humour that makes for compelling binge watching. I had pretty low expectations but the characters are really great. The humour and way it pokes fun at the telenovela genre are spot on. The second season was so good that it will inevitably go downhill. I'm only beginning the third season and it's more than evident it's on the downswing. I'm not endorsing any of the lack of various morality in the show, and if you have no sense of humour about soap operas this isn't for you, (I, of course, have NO experience with soap operas - she said sarcastically) but if you want some easy entertainment give it a shot. 

And Rogelio for life!


Hell of High Water

We do not watch a lot of movies. There seems to be nothing that appeals to both me and my husband when we are gifted with enough time to actually watch a movie together. But because Julie so wholeheartedly recommend this Oscar-nominated movie we gave it a shot. An almost modern day western, Hell or High Water tells the story of two bank robbing brothers in Western Texas. It's well written, well acted (Hello, Jeff Bridges!), and has a lot going on that makes you understand the characters much more than you thought. 


Life in Pieces

Sometimes you just feel like a funny sitcom and there's nothing wrong with that! This series is pretty hilarious and well written. It doesn't smack of disingenuousness like Modern Family but retains many characteristics of people you know. The writing is really well done as it combines four different short stories in each episode, that's like writing four different episodes each episode when you think of how much time and dialogue is usually wasted in sitcoms. The second season is airing now, but the first season is on Netflix (up here anyways!)


The Bridge

Since we got roped into Scandinavian crime series with Trapped we thought we'd try an older series called The Bridge which was really popular a few years ago. It's almost the exact opposite of Trapped in that it takes place in an urban setting, involves a complete psychopathic serial killer, and has a very unique detective at the centre of the investigation. It's a mystery that begins with a body found on the border of a huge bridge joining Denmark and Sweden and a detective from each country must work together to solve the increasingly bizarre crimes. It was well-paced and well done, but I just didn't like it as much as Trapped. And I didn't become conversational in Swedish. 



Such a good movie! I still don't understand how an alien movie can so deftly rip out my mother's heart, cut it into a million pieces, then put it back together. I don't want to give any of it away really. But go watch it and try not to cry, I dare you!
And Jeremy Renner. The only problem I had with this movie is that Jeremy Renner would never do anything wrong!! Never!



We also finally watched Moana. And I watched the entire thing and didn't want that hour and a half of my life back, so basically it was an animated movie win. I'm not saying it's life changing or a classic, and the demigod stuff I didn't even begin to hash out with my kids, but the music and characters were perfectly entertaining. 

As usual, I will be eternally grateful for your recommendations dear readers with better taste than I! 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I have not seen Life in Pieces but I am looking for something like this to fold laundry or just veg, veg.. My husband saw Arrival with some friends, but I really want to see it now that it's out. Is it too scary to watch alone?!? I get scared easily..

  2. I love show reviews and recommendations- make Fluff Friday a thing!

  3. Wow, Trapped sounds SO GOOD! I definitely need to watch that sometime. Thanks for these recommendations! I like this Fluff Friday thing, you should totally do it again :)

  4. ARRIVAL. Gosh. such a good movie! I assume you've seen Interstellar, also worth it for aliens/family feels! We're not big movie watchers either, glad we aren't the only ones. 9 times out of 10 I'd rather watch a TV show. :)

  5. I loved Arrival and Hell or High Water (I haven't seen the rest on your list). Have you seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Oh my goodness - I loved that one, too. Great characters, beautiful filming and scenery, and heartwarming all at the same time. I highly recommend it.

  6. I am so excited to watch Trapped. How were you abel to watch it in United States? I can't find it on Netflix or Amazpn video.


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