Friday, July 29, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 146 - Holiday edition

Check out Kelly and the cool kids for better takes!


I'm alive! We're all alive! It's still summer! We went on holiday! 
And that could basically be my quick takes, but let's go into some detail shall we? 
I feel like I've lost almost two weeks with the packing for the holiday, the actual 5 days away, and then the subsequent laundry. I miraculously found 5x5 pairs of underwear plus at least 10 extras, then there were multiple shoe choices, because mountains, and then different layers of jackets for rain, for cold, because mountains, and then five days worth of food because we had a cabin with a kitchen. But we made it with only a few things forgotten and miraculously survived without two different kinds of child carriers. We're basically survivalists. 


The mountains were beautiful and it was a really lovely time! This is the third year we've gone back to the same cabin (and only partly because finding hotel/cabin accommodations for 5 kids is so easy!), and the kids are really sweet because they each have something they remember from previous years that they want to see and do. Or we'll have memories of what funny thing what funny kid did here or there. It's turning into a sweet tradition.


Timeout while I now wash my kitchen from top to bottom.


Andddddd, we're back. 
To my husband's eternal delight we all went on a rafting trip down the Athabasca river. I think it shaved off a good 5 years of my life worrying one of my precious babies would fall into the river, but other than that it was a lot of fun! I can definitely picture having a lot of fun myself rafting if all my offspring weren't in the inflatable raft with me at the same time. 
Dom sat at the front and laughed out loud whenever someone else got splashed by water while barely ever holding on to the rope himself, Gemma chatted up the shirtless rafting guide giving my husband a pleasant glimpse into the not-so-distant future, and Luke, Max, and Nora took turns loving it and then being a bit freaked out if things got rough and we got wet. 


We also went on several short hikes with all the kids and they did great! We visited different glacial lakes, kayaked on the lake our cabin is on, ate ice cream everyday, got very little sleep, saw elk and one bear, and basically had an all around great time. We're so lucky to be able to go and I'm sure when I look back on the pictures in a few years I'll know that these were some of the sweetest times.


My Facebook page also reached over 1000 likes and I can hardly even believe it! Thank you so much if you follow me on Facebook, I'm a pretty sporadic poster so I promise when I do post something and it by chance ends up in your feed it's good stuff!

Also; if you've been living under an online rock (which is a very legit choice these days) or aren't Catholic then let me tell you it's been NFP Awareness Week! Party time, excellent...
All my NFP posts have been published elsewhere, which probably says a lot about me, but I've written about the Billings method of NFP, and what to do when NFP doesn't go your way over at Haley's. And if you're in an even tougher spot with NFP I wrote a piece last year for Jenny on all the sex we're not having. Enjoy ;)


And it's another long weekend for us up here so we're planning on hitting our small town parade and rodeo and hopefully hanging out with some friends. My sister will be home and I think it's high time for a croquet tournament. And it's finally gotten hot this week so I'm putting on my non-lazy-mom pants and taking everyone to our nearby lake this afternoon. Try not to let my overachieving intimidate you! 
I hope your weekend is beautiful and relaxing! I said it - relaxing. That's the goal.

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  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip! I'm so impressed that you pulled it off with all your little people. Brava! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, all your pictures are amazing! Must have been a truly lovely trip. P.S. I love your face in that first pic. Classic mom face right there.

  3. Oh no!! That's so sad that your coffee spilled! Sad day. I still need to clean the beans out of my french press which has been sitting on the counter for a while (because if it's sitting there, it will inevitably make a mess or get dumped over somehow). But instead, I'm reading blogs haha.

    This trip sounds so cool(especially the rafting)! I think it's neat that y'all have started up a tradition like this. Happy NFP week!

  4. *high five* and props to ya. I don't think I could do the rafting thing with my progeny. I have a minor heart attack every time we set foot near a swimming pool.

    The vista where you stayed was gorgeous! Hard to beat those majestic mountains!

  5. Those mountains are gorgeous and you are so so brave for rafting with the kiddos! I remember reading your NFP post for Jenny and thinking it was so refreshingly honest- so thank you for that!

  6. I'm very curious where that cabin it a rentable? We drive through the rockies semi-regularly on highway 16 and would love to know some good places for larger families!

  7. Oh wow, what an outing these kids had! I am in love with these fun and joyful photos. Our kids have also been asking for a family outing. I will plan that soon for them. If you know about some nice venues in Atlanta for that, please suggest!


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