Friday, April 22, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 140

I'm just popping in with the quickest of boring takes because I am over this week - so if you too are over this week enjoy these takes extremely quickly, pour yourself some wine, then hit Kelly for the better takes!


It's really not spring until have my house is covered in mud, and the other half is full of dirty laundry -so I'm happy to say spring has arrived! Actually, this week we dried out a little around here, to the point where the boys had to turn on an outside faucet and haul water to their former puddles and then cover their little sister in mud. So tough times. It was legitimately warm for a few days this week and it felt glorious! Let's not talk about how it may snow this weekend...


I honestly feel like my life is approximately 67% dirty socks, 10% feeding children all the time, and 23% Hamilton. I'm obsessed a little bit. And I'm sure that's weird to pretty much all normal people, but I love musicals and Hamilton is so great it's become my life. Also, even if you aren't in to musicals just go watch this wedding video from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's wedding, it is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! 


You know your kids are Canadian when the temperature gets to 15C and they all start saying it's summer and they don't need to do school anymore!


I want to buy everything from Loft right now. Shopping confession! 


The older kids are in swimming lessons twice a week and the nearest pool is an hour away so I've been driving lots, but I thought I'd take advantage and snap some shots of the cool things along the country road that takes me there. There are about 7 little country churches along the way and just some pretty old farm buildings that always catch my eye so I thought I'd document them before they're all knocked down(I know, it's a depressing thought, but who knows!). It's on my Instagram if you haven't already seen it, and if you have already seen it, then....sorry? 


We had a great conversation about Thomas Merton on this week's new podcast episode. If you ever wanted to know what the deal on Thomas Merton was this is the perfect listen. 


I'm feeling so ready for the weekend. Like I need to sleep for 12 hours, and drink some wine, and not be the sole parent around here. I'm adult-ed out. Let's hope I make it through the afternoon! 

Hope all your weekend feels like a child-free vacation. 

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  1. I really loved the Merton talk! I've only just recently discovered him and when one of his books - Seeds of Contemplation - literally fell onto my lap. It's beautiful but I only feel like reading it if/when I can read it alone on my couch or in the hammock outside without anyone else coming to talk to me. Needless to say, I haven't gotten very far. ;)

  2. Those shorts! Hoping Loft has a big sale soon. :)

  3. Why are they knocking them down??? If only we could plop them down here because our mission/parish needs a church building because we are borrowing space now. If only we could figure out transportation from Canada...

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I LOVED the newest podcast episode! I have been coming across Merton a lot of ways in life right now, and this was perfect timing!!! I wanted to do a shout-out on Twitter to you both, but looks like you don't tweet:)

    And yes to LOFT....fav store of all time! #alltheprettythings

  5. hahaha, my week was pretty similar!

    I have been eyeing (and, for once in my life, actually buying) all the things from Loft, every sale! (I realized my "new" clothes are four years old, which makes the basis of my wardrobe... anyway, I saved my Christmas money for some post-partum clothes! so yes to linen tees and lacy details! yes to jeans that both button and fit!)


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