Friday, March 11, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 138

I've been neglecting Kelly lately, but I hope you haven't - jump over there for the greater takes!


March has rolled in a bit dreary and tired. Much like how winter feels to me right now. The temperatures haven't been cold but everything is still frozen and covered in snow. Melting has begun on days where it's sunny, but we had a stretch of 4 cloudy, foggy days and I basically told God that if I wanted to live in constant drear, I'd move to Seattle. The sun came out after that. It's a sign.


In other words, things are feeling awfully Lent-y around here. Which is good. I'm still trying to clean and organize, still am feeling the simple meals because I just don't feel like I have the desire to cook much. I can't tell if I'm feeling exhausted just by normal life, or if I'm in a cooking slump. Either way - it's Lent and last night I made potato pancakes for dinner.


I jumped into attempting to paint peg dolls for the first time last weekend. A great friend of mine suckered invited me to a saint doll swap she organized and I reluctantly agreed because I fear my artistic ability THAT much. So I tried to pick the simplest saint I could and keep things really, really simple. I think it turned out well and I spent most of last weekend painting 20 little Saint Gemmas. I've got another coat of sealer to go and she'll be ready to go. It definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it does make me wish I had more talent when it comes to things artistic and painting. It's a beautiful craft. And now all of my big kids would like to make their own, which of course will be possible as long as they don't have to be actually swapped. 


What have you been watching lately? Anybody watching the new season of The Walking Dead? 

Of course Downton was a delightful finish last week. I loved pretty much all of it. I was really happy for Isobel and Lord Merton, it was just so cute how she took him home and told him they were getting married - and Julian Fellowes couldn't even kill him off, thank goodness! Edith looked beautiful in her wedding dress, and Anna looked really good right after giving birth, and of course Mary's pregnant and she's going to have Matthew Goode's beautiful baby! Oh, I'm sorry, fictional characters...but I just have a great affection for Matthew Goode, not at all based on his looks....oh no...

I still am watching Last Man On Earth because I just think it's the quirkyest thing on tv and get so much joy from it's silliness. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I just love it.

We also watched Creed last weekend and it was a very decent Rocky movie. I was most impressed by the musical restraint and that I didn't have to listen to the Rocky Theme for two straight hours. 


Two weeks till Easter seems crazy doesn't it? I'm currently still trying to figure out what people will be wearing. I bought the girls matching dresses because I couldn't resist. I just ordered almost every dress from Gap and Banana Republic to try on for myself after going to Anthro last week gift certificate in hand only to be disappointed. But the boys. I just wish there was more options for decent not-casual wear for boys. They already wear collared shirts and khakis to church every week, it's really hard to even find them a special tie for Easter. I know I've complained about this every year...


Last week we had the wonderful Rachel Balducci on the podcast! She's honestly one of my favourite people from the online world, and I'm pretty much her fangirl. But she's such a pleasure to hear speak and I really appreciate her common sense when it comes to parenting. Hope you get a chance to listen! 


I am giving away a PDF copy of Michele Chronister's lovely new children's Way of the Cross, In The Footsteps of Jesus today. Michele has done a wonderful job making the Stations of the Cross approachable and simple for young children and this is a great book to take to Mass with you, or to Stations of the Cross, or to pray with at home. I have really loved introducing my kids to the Stations of the Cross with this book! Just like a couple Facebook pages to enter, and good luck!

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  1. Oooh I love a good blog giveaway! The link to my domestic monastery wasn't working. But I found it myself. ;) I'm obsessed with those peg dolls! So cute. But whenever I get something so adorably Catholic my boys turn up their noses (like poor St. Patrick shining light doll at the bottom of the toy bin).

    1. Thanks Ashley, I think I fixed the link! Haha, yep those kids don't know how good they've got it! ;)

  2. You look so cute with that hat in the photo at the top of the post! :) And those peg dolls look great! My only attempt at a peg doll was for my best friend's birthday present this year. I basically cheated, since I don't care enough about painting to buy paint (and because I'm not painting-artistic), so I used markers to color a face and gray robe on a peg, and added some felt and yarn to make Gandalf the Grey :P

    I also think it is crazy that Easter is coming so soon! And it's always kind of depressing that there aren't many good options for boys. Are they into boy ties? I've discovered that it's fairly simple to make bow ties at home-so that may be an option! Otherwise, I've got no ideas. I'm pretty sure that my brothers, husband, and dad all wear the same outfits for Easter every year. Which works, but since it is the Feast of Feasts, new special clothes are nice :)

  3. Awwww, your peg dolls are lovely!

  4. Ugh, I totally agree about nice boy clothes. This is when I wish I could sew so I could make ties or vests or something! Your peg dolls are super cute, by the way.

  5. Ah, this reminds me that I meant to get the boys matching bowties and I think it's too late now! Grr...

  6. Ah, this reminds me that I meant to get the boys matching bowties and I think it's too late now! Grr...

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who pulls the "it's Lent!" with dinner. I actually feel more free to... let's call it experiment, or not really make dinner, or pull out the left-overs, during Lent because penitential dinners seem really great on my end! :)

  8. Your peg dolls turned out beautifully!! I know what you mean about being afraid of artistic ability ... give me a knitting pattern and I'm good to go, but anything drawing/painting related terrifies me!!

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