Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 and a word for the year

I have never done the "word of the year" thing.

My practical personality has simply not even contemplated a "word" of the year before. It's just so vague. Is is a resolution? A helpful tidbit? A word from above? What do I do with it? Do I just calligraphy it on my chalkboard for a year and see what happens? Make it a Sanskrit tattoo somewhere?

I mean, it's hard to know what exactly to do with a word of the year. But I do understand the idea that we're attracted to and invited to understand one word or concept to better ourselves and our life in some way. And for some reason I actually began thinking about this whole concept in December. This is like light years ahead of schedule than when I usually make New Year's resolutions in February.

And the word that keeps coming to me whenever I think about choosing a word for the year?


Which is just weird because I listen fine. I'm so good at listening that I can listen quickly and talk for at least double the amount of time. I'm decisive and judgemental. I usually know what people in my life are going to say before they say it. I don't have hours to devout to meditation to hear God's voice. If God needs to get a hold of me it's usually through the wails and cries of my five young offspring.

So listen.

I don't know how this will go, or what will happen, or what I can do to listen more but that's my word for the year and I'll guess we'll find out! Which feels kind of exciting.

(Sidenote: why aren't words of the year ever "makeup" "reality TV" or "cookie"???? Just saying.)

I also just chose a saint of the year and drew St. Nicholas. Which I guess is interesting? Single ladies, grooms, boys, fishermen, students, judges, against imprisonment, against robbery...he's the patron of a a lot of things that could maybe apply to me? I clearly may become a judge who deliberates a case between a fisherman who is robbed by a groom.

But honestly, I did pray before hitting that pick a saint button that I'd end up with a saint who could really help me out. So I'm trusting that St. Nick is my guy. Last year Saint Fabiola was my chosen saint and she's the patroness of unhappy marriages and divorced people but my marriage is still going strong. I believe saints can cover multitudes of bases!

I also wish I had more resolutions for this year. I never make resolutions. This year I feel that the only thing I really wish I would change and work on is journaling more. I want to journal just little thoughts, and things the kids say, and what I'm seeing out my window, just for myself....on real paper! I want it to be a daily practice that becomes part of my routine. So we'll see how that pans out.

And maybe I'll blog more.

Happy 2016!

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  1. Well if its a good word, the tattoo idea is not a bad idea! ;-) I would guess that a simple word like listen will have much ahead to teach and stretch you in 2016:)

    I have had to chuckle too on names I drew for saints...mine this year was a martyr who saved the lives of 100 Jewish people in Poland (with a Polish name to tricky to attempt to spell out properly;-)

  2. I love it! Also, I'm with you...cookie should totally be in the running.

  3. Last year I picked "Mary" as my word, and got an obscure saint whose name I couldn't pronounce. And I forgot both of those things by, roughly, January 17. 😬

    I do keep a journal for each kid in my kitchen or living room so I can jot down milestones, funny things they say, or must random interests or stories, so yay me. I was actually going to do that after I read about 26 blog posts tonight!

    Also, I would like to hereby nominate "Beer" as a word of the year. Whilst drinking a Leinie's Cranberry Ginger Shandy. Boom.

  4. Harmony and beginning to contemplate what that means to me.


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