Friday, November 6, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 132

Making myself blog for Kelly.


Where has the time gone? Oh, probably sucked into the vacuum that is the week before and the week after Halloween. I really feel like Halloween always zaps it out of me. I think because it's the big whammy of a child's birthday and getting things in gear to have 5 different kids dressed in five different costumes and out the door to do all the trick or treating but also having to fit in all the birthday things so that the Halloween baby doesn't feel like he's just born on a secular holiday. Anyway! Long story short, I was catching up till Thursday and am finally feeling back on track today. It actually makes for a short feeling week now come to think of it....or maybe not....


Gratuitous Halloween Picture of my kids!

Gemma was a princess but not Elsa. She wanted to be her own princess and since she got that insanely extravagant costume from her grandma she could do whatever she wanted in my book. Dominic was a storm trooper and it basically made all his dreams come true. Luke was Wolverine but didn't feel like wearing the mask. Max was a Ninja Turtle. And Nora just wore a princess dress from out of the dress-up box. They were all really wonderfully easy about costumes and I don't think they even understand that they could demand complicated homemade ones from their mother, so I'm going to enjoy this innocence for as long as possible because I know homemade costumes are a comin'.


As I mentioned earlier Luke is my Halloween baby and celebrated his 6th birthday. It's official that my babies are now legit kids. And the time has flown and I do. not. understand. it.

Luke is a wonderful boy and I love every ounce of his inquiring, mischievous, self and he is such a caring and generous guy. If that's what happens to middle children then I guess I can blame some of my personality faults on being an oldest child, because his ability to give and be kind is really awesome. He was worth all that labor on a Halloween afternoon, and he may one day learn how I cursed trick or treaters while pushing him out. (TMI? Home birth, Halloween, me. It was really a recipe for cursing.)


We also did something outrageous and had a birthday party for the boys at a hockey game on Sunday. It was a minor league game but the team puts together these birthday party packages and it just seemed too good for my husband to resist. I can't complain because I loved that I didn't have to clean up anything or cook anything and I think the kids had fun. Probably would have had more fun if they were older, but it was great. 


But that also means another year, and another year with no official All Saints Day party or saint dressing up or anything. Our parish has no other kids who regularly attend so there was nothing going there, and I really didn't hear anything from my friends who live further afield, either that or we just weren't invited! Basically, another year where Halloween greatly outshines All Saints Day, which is unfortunate. I really just wish there was more celebration generally for a day that is really important on the liturgical calendar. But I think I'd have to go back a couple centuries to a Catholic country for that to happen...


I really love pyjamas. It's a happy byproduct of stay-at-home-mothering that I can fulfill my dreams of wearing pyjamas as much as possible. Anyway! I just bought this pair from Old Navy and they're the dreamiest. I love em and they're on sale, but the sizes left are scare. But I love them.


When we will make the abolition of daylight savings time an election issue? How long must we suffer under this oppression? When will we rise up against the evil minds who think this arbitrary time change necessary?
I'm beginning to think wineries may be behind the perpetuation of this injustice because wine intake for me definitely went up this week. Or coffee growers. Or Starbucks...geez, this conspiracy really does make people a lot of money...

Hope you all have a weekend that's enjoyed in the scare hours of sunlight now left to us.

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  1. Take number 7 made me laugh out loud. Solidarity, sister. Daylight savings time was Benjamin Franklin's worst idea ever.

    And if it makes you feel better about not having much of an All Saints celebration, I will tell you that we basically skipped Halloween AND All Saints, because apparently I just hate fun. My poor kids! Maybe I'll get my act together for next year!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh man, your Halloween birth story must be great. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't fun, but it sure sounds interesting! Your kids look awesome in their costumes, and it's nice that they let you go another year without begging for elaborate handmade stuff :)

    It's so sad that your area doesn't have anything All Saints Day related for your kids to participate in! Maybe one of these years you can just do a small family party thing & the kids could dress up for fun. Hopefully you find a way to celebrate that feast day in such a secular area!

  4. Sooo with you on abolition of Daylight Savings Time.

  5. Like is 6? Holy Sh... Than how old is Dom?? And Gemma? Remember how you used to say you had 5babies? Yeah I still thought we were in that time...
    They are too cute in their costumes though, and we also had a Princess Not-Elsa here in a dress that looked suspiciously Elsa blue and had two sisters in the locket, but purely a vpincidence.
    And next year I will totally come up and we can have an all saints day party together! Mostly SO I can drink wine with you and hear Luke's birth story, sounds legit

  6. Our parish doesn't do anything either but we do an easy guess-the-saint game/feast....I make up short bios of different saints and serve different foods and they have to guess the association (animal crackers for St Francis, alphabet soup for St Elizabeth Seton, fish for St Peter, etc). It's fun but not too difficult when you're tired from Halloween. For All Souls', I make German food in memory of our ancestors (hey, I have to make dinner anyhow...).

  7. Love the kids in their costumes! Mine are also delightfully easy... They just pick something from the dress up box and are happy!

  8. Sorry my stupid phone posted thAt when I wasn't done! It always make me sad that we don't do much for All Saints day but this year our parish had a little thing after mass And I was so sweet!
    Oh and another perk of living in Cayman is no daylight savings. Sorry 😁

  9. I LOVE daylight savings time; I hate that it gets dark so early and all that lovely daylight happens before I wake up.


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