Friday, October 23, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 131

Linktoberfest is still happening, and I am crossing my fingers I win big. Hint, hint, Kelly...


I'd just like to say a few words:
hodgepodge, brisket, synonym, caterpillar. 
Those are the words.

Sorry, I've been reading Harry Potter again and Dumbledore just gets me. 
It's been that kind of a week.


What does that kind of a week mean? Well, it means that I may have pondered whether I should move to Australia and start a new life as a wild animal catcher or crocodile hunter or something because everything around here was going wrong! Not seriously wrong. Not "I need prayers because my life is truly terrible and bad things are happening" wrong. Not even outside forces coming down upon me like plagues wrong. Not even the Whole 30 wrong. Not even hormones wrong. I have no idea why everything just felt wrong, went wrong, and was just wrong, wrong, wrong other than me, myself, and I. And that's almost the worst thing because in addition to it being all me, I have no idea why I'm so off kilter and if anything is in actuality bothering me. But it's left me impatient, grumpy, frustrated, and feeling lonely. I'm hoping I snap out of it soon.


Can we talk about Kate's bangs for a second? I am firmly in the belief that only she could pull them off. Her hair is perfect. She is a princess because she has perfect hair. 


I'm currently binging my way through The Good Wife. I'm finding it the perfect combination of soapy and semi-intelligent even though I don't really loovvee any characters. Or maybe I do? I don't know, but I'm watching it a lot.


We've had another really nice week of weather that I'm grateful for because the kids have still been able to play outside for a couple hours a day. They've been out climbing trees and watching their Papa work cattle, and helping feed calves and it's been nice. It looks like next week the weather is going to turn and probably will not be coming back to these nice temperatures where you don't need a coat during the day but it was nice while it lasted! 


Oh, have I gone almost all my takes without complaining about politics? Let me fix that. After the dismal results of our national election this past week I think I'm officially over democracy. Just because people got out and voted doesn't mean democracy works. Democracy only works when the populace has a right mind in how to vote for the betterment of the nation. That requires principles, a decent education, and knowledge of the facts of how the country is run and what's important. None of those things are left in the voting public anymore because this whole campaign was based on emotion and what's cool, and no one cares about actual facts and how a country is actually run and what actually impacts individuals and freedom. I'm going to stop because I could rant all day.


I think my most popular Seven Quick Takes post was the post Jen Fulwiler linked to and that's probably my most proud blogging moment. Funnily enough it's entitled "Let's Complain" which is basically what I'm doing today too, so it must be my niche. (And I don't know why my own photos aren't working, I'll look into that...)
Haha, there are too many unpopular ones to choose from so here's one that got dismal numbers but there's probably great reason for that...

Hope you all have a lovely fall weekend -- I think making cookies are in order! And wine. Drink that, or make it I guess...

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  1. As my Mom always said, "Some days are like that, even un Australia." I hope you get out of the funk soon.

  2. I feel ya! I feel like this pregnancy and my husband's late hours over the last month have my being majorly gripe-tastic, hence my few posts on really trying to hone in on the things that don't make me grumpy. You know, the little things that I stubbornly continue to overlook but thanks to a camera that I pick up every so often I'm able to capture a moment or two and pretend like it's *the* moment that I need go back to. again. and again. and agaiiiinnnn. Sorry that's a rumbled mess. I heart you and Kate's bangs are magical. Oh, and thank you for the reminder to get back to The Good Wife. I binge watched up until the last episode. then waited for the new season and forgot because I forget things. All the time. XO

  3. I love your quick takes. So sorry you feel off kilter!

  4. I laughed though so many of these! It's been that kind of week around here too.

    Don't we all just need a little internal Dumbledore to give us a little pep talk that doesn't make literal sense? I think so.

  5. Yes agree with you on #6... so so so much!

  6. Kate Middleton does indeed have perfect hair...and that's pretty much required for princess status. Amirite? And yeah...democracy...we're not doing any better over here stateside either.


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