Friday, May 29, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 122 {not enough news to go around}

Just checking in quickly to prove I'm alive, visit Kelly for the better takes!


It's the end of May and I don't know where the time has gone. I officially called the end of "school" to be today. I'm in need of a much needed break on all fronts I think, and at this point taking a break from our sit-down-and-focus-on-curriculum school time is just dragging. We'll still read tons of books and focus of Gemma receiving her First Confession next week, then First Holy Communion and Confirmation the following week, so I think we'll be fine. But I'm needing some kinda change! 


I don't know what kinda funk I'm in but it's a funk. I can't put my finger on it, so I'm trying to let go of my forced attempts to get myself out of it, and maybe just accept that maybe is just the funk for me right now. But it feels like it's hampering a lot. I'm feeling anxious, I can't write anything, I'm tired of cooking supper every night...oh wait...that's not funk related at all!


But I did get my hair done this week for the first time in months! I know, it's a giant SAHM cliche, but you gotta relish it. 
(And tell me you read Jenny's hilarious thoughts on haircare yesterday because I heart them.)


We've been watching Daredevil on the Netflix, and Kendra's talking about the show today as well. I think I like it. I tire fairly easily of superheros, but this series walks a nice line between moral complexity and fighting. I also appreciate that the priest character isn't a complete idiot which is entirely refreshing. It is violent, but the quality of the show is very good. Have you seen it?


I'm trying to find a more light show to watch on Netflix since it's the summer and the funny sitcoms we watch are all over, but there is such a dearth of good comedy isn't there? I loooove Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 30 Rock isn't on Netflix and I have such a craving for it, but I want something funny! What am I missing guys?? 


This week on the podcast we talked to the lovely and amazing Janet Easter, cofounder of Verily Magazine. It was so great to hear from someone in the magazine world who has a positive view of women, and I love hearing behind the scenes of how a project like this got off the ground. When I was in about grade eight my dream job was to be editor of InStyle magazine. Bossypants am I! 


We're in desperate need of rain up here. My dad is working nonstop trying to feed the cattle since theres so little grass growing, and there are forest fires all over the place. If you've got a minute, prayers would be welcome! We'd gladly take all that moisture that's soaking Texas! But if the weather refuses to drop water, then I'll be finally planting some flowers this weekend which is so nice to finally do. I love spring! 

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  1. your hair looks amaaaaaaazing.

  2. I'm in a funk too, I get it. Your hair looks great, though! Hang in there, Christy!

  3. So cute, love your hair! It's amazing what having your hair done can do...

    Also, I'll share some of our rain with you. My garden is drowning right now lol

  4. I would send you some of our rain. Our city got ten inches in one day. Have you tried the short lived, but oh so funny comedy, Better Off Ted? I don't know if it is on Netflicks, but my husband and I loved 30 Rock as well.

  5. Have you watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?! Laugh out loud funny!

  6. I second The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! We're also big fans of Parks and Rec ... and of course The Office, all available on Netflix.

  7. Christy, I have been laughing my butt off at Keeping Up Appearances, on Netflix. . . . It's a BBC show from the early 1990s, I think. Each episode is formulaic, but if you like quirky British humor at all it's worth a try.

  8. I've been enjoying Parks and Recreation. The first season was slow for me but it got much better after that. I am pretty much laughing out loud at every episode.

  9. Gemma's geting the triple sacrament jackpot!? That's so exciting! I just just read something about confirmation being done that young (some how I had never ever heard of it ever before!?) And it sounds so wonderful, what a big week! Know we will be praying for her (and you!)
    LOVE the hair
    LOVE the blossom pictures
    and we can come visit you and pull you out of your funk...

  10. Sorry about the funk but your hair looks fabulous.

    And that interview with Janet was FABULOUS!!!

  11. But 30 Rock is on Netflix! Unless it's different in Canada...? I will always love the Office and Parks and Rec, but we've also enjoyed Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the first couple of seasons of New Girl (not caught up, so can't vouch for more current ones).


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