Wednesday, March 11, 2015

5 Fave St. Patrick's Day Books for the Littles

I always am woefully lacking in appropriate holiday-ness, but this year I actually have some fun St. Patricks's Day books for the kids and we might even get things together to do something green and Irish next Tuesday! Everyone cross your fingers for me, but until then here's what the little wee ones are reading around here.

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola

A classic in the holiday/saint category. Really, a great biography for kids about an important saint that doesn't make it boring but exciting. The illustrations are, or course, glorious. I love it!

Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato: An Irish Folktale by Tomie de Paola

A sweet board book of a cute Irish folk tale. I'm not quite sure if my kids "get it" but that's part of the allure for me. And it teaches about laziness.

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting

This is a sweet story perfect for young children. The illustrations are by Jan Brett so they're particularly lovely and done in black and white and green which is fitting.

Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk by Gerald McDermott

This is a sweet fairy tale-like book for young children that brings a little imagination along with good story-telling and colourful illustrations to the whole leprechaun thing. I had to explain all these cartoon leprechaun's appearing in store windows lately and my kids were not getting the connection to St. Patrick at this fairy tale came in handy. (Literal Catholic kids...sheessh.)

A Fine St. Patrick's Day by Susan Wojciechowski

Another fairy tale type story about Ireland and leprechauns. The illustrations are especially beautiful and a feast for young and old eyes alike. I love drawings of sweet little towns too.

That was quick, so drop by Jenna's for more great Faves this Wednesday!

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  1. I have some feast-appropriate books checked out from the library too, and I'm hoping to join forces with a couple other moms to do something green and tasty next week. Liturgical living- let's do this!

  2. Love these! I can't get enough Tomie DePaola. We read Strega Nona as kids, but I had no idea how many wonderful books he has! We have the one about St. Patrick, and I'm looking forward to adding to our collection.

  3. So, I just put library requests in for some of these and two of the books have requests ahead of mine. Darn. At least my girls won't notice if we're reading St. Pat books around Easter. ;) Great list!

  4. We've had all of these out from the library at one time or another, and they're all really cute!

  5. You are on top of St. Patrick's Day books! I need to dig through the holiday bins to see if we've got any at all ;)

  6. Thanks for this! I was able to request a few from our library. I love Tomie.


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