Friday, October 12, 2012

seven quick takes vol. 20

Thanks to Jen for the awesome takes!


Happy Year of Faith everybody! I'm not quite sure what momentous resolutions I should make, but I'm pretty sure I need more faith, so hopefully this year will be a good one. Don't you think we should have a trademarked Year of Faith alcoholic beverage??? I think a nice cocktail would in "Come on in, have a Year-of-Faith-tini!" It would have to be strong, not too fruity or sweet, so that after a couple of drinks you'd be theologizing like a stud.


Its been cold for 3 days and already I think I'm going to go crazy with not being able to throw the kids outside! Always I wonder why during the summer I'm fairly content with my house. Then winter rolls around and I can't understand how we live within such a small square footage, by March I'm willing to move into anything with more than 1500 sq feet. Hell, I'd take over 1200 sq feet. it begins!


I just finished The Kitchen House this week. It was sad. Almost Oprah Book Club-sad. But overall, well written, with a story that really sucks you in, and a good depiction of slavery of the early nineteenth century.
I don't know how you all read books, but I definitely can read a sad/depressing book much easier when I'm feeling sad. Its like an emo effect that spills over into my reading habits. My husband thinks that it must just make me sadder but really when you're reading about slavery your life starts looking a bit better...


Something else that may be falling victim to my current emotional malaise: my enjoyment of a good American election campaign. Seriously, I usually totally geek out over this kind of thing. I know, its weird, and slightly sadistic since I'm Canadian and all. But this time it seems like Obama is just so evil, and Romney should look really good just in comparison but I don't want to cheer for him because of the impending feeling of doom, and no one really is talking about any real issue like say, the fact that the Western world will go down if the United States does, and I really, really, really, REALLY, just want  Joe Biden to stop calling himself a Catholic. 

So as you can see I'm clearly very detached and uninterested.


I haven't quite milked this picture for all its worth so I'm putting it here too!

My mom made these pumpkin hats for the boys and I find them hilarious. Dominic wore his for about 4 straight days even at night. Luke will only wear his for about 4.3 seconds.


I am going to attempt going out for dinner with my husband this weekend for a "date night". Its been since August since we've gone out for dinner, which doesn't sound as bad as it really feels. Its a far cry from that once a week business perfect people do. I say attempt because the variables of what four children plus conning someone into babysitting them are endless! Fingers crossed.


Am I the only one with 3+ kids who feels guilty asking parents/in-laws to babysit my children?? I guess its because I know how much work they are. I just feel guilty. I guess part of the problem is that they are the only ones I leave my kids with and the idea of a monetary exchange someone makes all that work easier?? I'm not sure, I can't figure out my crazy thoughts in this area. Its probably because I'm hearing 4 babies making a lot of noise constantly...

On that cheerful note everyone go out and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE the pumpkin hats! TOO cute!!! Good luck on the date night! Hope it works! I am dying for a date night, but we don't have any parents or in-laws around to babysit. Guess I'm going to have to cave and actually pay someone. And yes, I totally would feel guilty leaving my kids with my parents...two was fine but now I just know how crazy and how much work they are!

  2. I'm with you about our election - I don't want either. One will never compromise on important social justice issues and I trust the other to stick to his guns about as far as I can throw him.

  3. Christy... between the boiling water incident to wash dishes to SNOW in mid-October... you are a saint! And with 4 teeny kiddoes to boot. I am kind of in awe.
    And yes I feel guilty about getting my relatives to baby-sit. Last night my parents took the kids for their first night away from us ever (correction... Isaiah's.... not Noah's...) butI felt awful because that seems like so much to ask. Apparently they fed them dinner, played some games, and put them to bed with no fuss and they slept until 7am whereupon they ate breakfast and waited for me to come get them (aka NO BIGS) but I still felt bad.

  4. Love this! last quick take.... i have ALWAYS felt bad, especially seeing as my in laws are still parenting four of their own at home. Oh and my upcomming get away to Banff , my Mother in law just said, oh so calmly ,like she doesn't remember what it's like to have 4 kids my kids age. " Just put it on my calender Kara, we'll figure it out!" Really???? Do i have to have 8 kids to become that chill and so calm in pure and utter chaos that is their life right now? I sure hope not :)
    Loving those pumpkin hats !


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