Friday, June 8, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol. 16

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I may be becoming chemically dependant on these chocolate covered berries/crispies.
My husband has been working late all week, will work through the weekend, and work late next week too. I may become a full blown addict by the end of this stretch of work.

It was a handful of these and the desperate plea of "Lord help me!" that saved the life of Luke last night after I discovered him pouring out smoked oyster oil all over the contents of my pantry.


I hope you all have read this article from Forbes saying that each woman on birth control should be paying $1500 more tax per year to pay for the environmental impact artificial birth control hormones are having on water supplies and thus fish. I like that awareness to what the pill does is being explored, but what about the health costs? The pill wrecks havoc on woman's health. Cancers, fertility treatments, etc etc. I bet those costs were be even more inestimable. How many more years until we face these facts?


Completely different note! 

Say hello to the marrying of two things I love: decorative plates and silhouettes! 
I love this craft, and if I ever have two minutes to devout to crafting and not drinking wine while my children sleep I may have to try it out!

And go visit Rebekah's dear blog. She just had her fourth beautiful babe!


We finally got the camera of my dreams! And now I feel intimidated to use it. Forward all your camera secrets to me, I desperately need them.


I just finished Catherine the Great by Robert Massie. I know, I'm totally weird for reading history for fun, but for some reason reading histories make my brain feel a little more exercised. And it only took me about three months to read!

I'm fascinated by Russia. It seems both mysterious and European. The tsars and palaces seems so glamourous and unbelievable. Catherine herself had a hell of a story. It really does take 500+ gigantic pages to tell her story. She was at the same time a totally lucky cinderella princess, and a self-made female ruler. Of course, an absolute monarch who didn't have a great love of independent Poland, a tense relationship with the Russian Church, a LOT of lovers, and millions of Russian people living as slaves for the rich aristocrats. But she seemed to a likeable personality and did more for art in Russia than anyone before or since. The book was very readable, and her story makes for a much more interesting read than most modern novels.


I was awoken this morning by the three amigos fighting in their room (yes, all three are in one room, its as wonderful as you'd expect, expect a full blown-out post in the future). It seems the youngest, who may be named Luke, aka the oyster can offender, decided to give his pajama shorts a soak in the full potty that is put in their room at night and then leave the sopping garment right in front of the door so the first person to open it would step right in it. Its like biological warfare. I went back to bed.


The lilacs have finally bloomed up here!! They're gorgeous and I've filled my house with a couple vases. I wish I could bottle the way my house smells right now. I love spring! 

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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