Friday, April 27, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol. 13

Its been almost forever since I've done a decent Seven Quick Takes-so here goes nothing!
Make sure to go to Jen's for the real deal!


This week's weather has been dismal. I hate to be one to complain over weather, but this spring is starting to get to me. And by spring I mean lack thereof. I had to keep everyone inside yesterday because the wind was so fierce and its snowing as we speak. Or as I type. A huge dose of warmth, greenery, and sunshine would feel like a million bucks right about now.


Its St. Gianna Beretta Molla's feast day tomorrow, April 28! I feel like I owe her big time because I prayed to her frantically through my last couple of pregnancies. I think she's a perfect saint for pregnant mothers to pray to; what better example of motherly sacrifice could you get? Just thinking about her life and especially the fact that she gave birth then died a mere week later brings tears to my eyes. Her courage staggers me, as I'm the biggest wimp during pregnancy and through childbirth. I really believe she interceded for me in a big way especially in my last birth which went unbelievably well! So tomorrow to celebrate her feast day I think we should all hug our babies a little tighter and toast to her a nice glass of Italian red.


I just finished this book yesterday. Rules of Civility was toted as an urbane, well-written novel about a woman navigating society in 1938 New York City and how chance encounters change the shape of our lives...or something similarly pretentious sounding. And although I thought the writing was beautiful at times, I found myself disappointed as it became just another contemporary novel that holds up its characters as charming when really they are meandering through life bouncing from one empty sexual encounter to the next trying to find meaning in it all. I wanted to like the main character as she toted Agatha Christie novels around, liked to hang out in empty churches, and do the odd crossword puzzle to pass the time, all things I'm partial to doing myself, but again the loss of any real insight into her actions left me cold. So I tried to read something current, only to be disappointed yet again...


Etsy find of the week:

I really like this neon leather fold over clutch! Very trendy, nicely colour-blocked, handmade from a woman in Plovdiv, what's not to like?! Here is the cute little shop.


Here's my little Max bumbo cooking with me yesterday:

I partly put him in the bumbo on the counter because its cute, and partly because it keeps him safe from swarms of siblings!


I'm contemplating making a terrarium. They're beautiful, they're planty, they're everywhere. I'm just trying to figure out if I have anywhere to put them where kids couldn't get a hold of them and discover a really convenient indoor sand box to destroy. Nicole from Making it Lovely had this beautiful tutorial.


Ok, I'm outs to go dig out the kids snowsuits from the closet. And then maybe look into moving somewhere where spring doesn't include a weekly snowstorm! Fingers crossed for a warm May! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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