Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas!

I've been a pretty terrible blogger. 
My plans to at the very least put up a couple pictures of our tree and decorations have been sidelined.

I've had a ridiculously-full-of-unnecessary-stress last couple weeks, so my main objective has been simply to keep this baby baking for at least a little while longer. But hurray-yesterday I passed 37 weeks so I am now good to go, or at the very least I'll be allowed to go to a birthing centre with my midwife and not be forced to a hospital so that is a major accomplishment! 

The babies are all excited for Christmas. Dom can't believe "Yanta" is coming in only two sleeps!! His "s" sounds are never quite "s"s so Santa takes on the new moniker of "yanta" its hilarious. Gemma is excited by the wrapping, the decorations, the lights, everything! And little Lukey has the great 2 year old excitement over each little decoration we put up but is completely in love with the Christmas tree and the first thing he tells each visitor is "we have a Christmas Tree!" 

So we will be celebrating simply, because I am moving at a ridiculously slow pace and have a hard time remaining upright for longer than 5 minutes, but the little joys are the best anyways. 

Happy Christmas everyone-wishing you the peace of Christ's birth at this blessed time of year and always!

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