Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Happenings

Today's off to a bangin' start! 

I was hoping to get into the big city today because my mom could watch the kids and it'd be wise to see my midwife and have a good time at the Costco to begin stockpiling preparations for the incoming bambino, but lo and behold Dom threw up around 9:30. So I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be going anywhere today, mostly because the deluge of vomit may be a-comin! Such a pleasant thought.

Max was also at his peak screeching volume this morning and I was more than happy to put him down for a life-saving nap before 10 am. 

I'm starting to obsess that my little in-utero baby is pointing in the wrong direction. There is just way too much kicking/punching in the opposite direction than there should be. Or else maybe this child is going to be some kind of boxing prodigy. I can't do a breech birth naturally. I can barely do birth naturally when I know everything is perfect. I can barely do the idea of birth who am I kidding!? Anyway- more crazy for cray-cray me!!

I've officially cleared all of Thursday to be an emotional mess. I still can't really imagine dear Pope Benedict stepping down. I think I need to be emotional for a good day at least to get all my feelings out of my system. I'm also going to go into full geek mode over this conclave. Seriously, I'm capable of limitless Catholic geek-ness. 

I'm not sure whether to attribute my restlessness/scatter-brain-ness to this unending February or the third trimester. But I just can't stop going from one thing to the next thing all while not accomplishing much at all. But going from one thing to the next thing veerrry slowly because I'm waddling, and it feels like it takes me triple the time it used to take me to do anything. 

I think I moved the fastest I have in months yesterday when I saw Max hanging off of the kitchen table. He had somehow cantilevered himself on his stomach while trying to find a chair to get down from the kitchen table but there was no chair. It was kinda hilarious and I really wanted to take a picture but thought that probably wouldn't be the best mom choice since at any second he could just let go and eminently smash his poor head open. Somehow I saved him using my spider-man like reflexes. Which haven't been used in eons. Minor miracle...no big deal...

Ok, I'm off to dose people with Pepto-Bismol and cover my furniture with lysol and worry about things out of my control...livin' the dream people!


  1. Barf=Grim Reaper of young families. I hope it's just an isolated incident!

  2. Oh Christy I'll say a prayer that that baby gets in position very soon! And that you make it through the vomit situation...


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